New instrument analyzes and sorts live cells

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Large computerized instrument, a sorting flow cytometer

Need your cells sorted? The University Instrumentation Center’s new sorting flow cytometer can help. The four-laser, six-color Sony SH800Z, contained within a biosafety cabinet, both analyzes and sorts live or fixed cells. It’s housed in the newly remodeled Parsons W118A, a dedicated flow cytometry facility with a Biological Safety Level Two (BSL-2) rating, where researchers can perform flow cytometric analysis and sorting on live cells that pose a moderate health risk to humans. “The cell sorter adds to the UIC's capabilities by allowing researchers to not only analyze a suspension of cells for  heterogeneity (in terms of size, internal complexity and fluorescence labeling), but also to use the information in that analysis to select and collect just the cells that the researcher wants to work with,” says Mark Townley, analytical instrumentation scientist. Contact him for inquiries about using this instrument or its labmate, a two-laser, four-color Becton-Dickinson FACSCalibur that analyzes, but does not sort, cells.  The UIC’s services are available to all UNH faculty, students, staff and non-UNH academic entities, as well as government and industrial clients.