Monday, July 24, 2017
Fifteen often forgotten items graphic

Freshman year is full of firsts, meaning the summer before can also be full of stress because of all the prep. As more packing items accumulate, the more we worry something has been forgotten. I’ve got you, though. When you're finished packing, be sure to check this list of some of the most commonly forgotten (but very necessary) items to have in your bags when you move to campus. 

1. Snacks

Though there is no true order of importance to this list, I will say it isn’t a mistake that “snacks” has secured a place as number one. You certainly don’t need a stock of snacks worthy of its own pantry; however, you will find that having food conveniently located in your space is extremely helpful. For those late starts to the day, chill days in or for those moments when you’re feeling peckish while studying, having some of your favorite foods on hand can make all of the difference. I, personally, am a massive fan of Goldfish and have those and soups in my room at all times.

2. Mug(s)

Mugs are multifunctional and an absolute must-have. Not only are they essential for that morning cup o’ Joe (or two, or three), they can also be used to make food in the microwave! Check out our Pinterest board of mug recipes.

3. Stain Stick

In case you spill said cup o’ Joe on yourself, or anything else, having one of these puppies handy is a game-changer. No one wants to do laundry unless they absolutely have to, so pack a stain stick for those quick fixes for yourself or even your friend!

4. Doorstop

Girls chatting in dorm room with door open
An open door in Fairchild Hall

Doorstops are great for several reasons. Beyond their use of simply propping a door open, they also can help you make friends on your floor! At the start of your first semester, RAs will highly encourage you to keep your door open when in the room. If everyone does this, you all will have that much easier of a time starting conversations and making connections. All you have to do is pop your head in and say “Hello” as you’re walking by! 

5. Lint Roller

At UNH we have many opportunities to develop ourselves professionally, such as at the Career and Internship Fair. That being said, professional wear is a must, and it's often a forgotten item. (See more items here). In order to present ourselves best at such events, we need not only wrinkle-free wear but also lint-free! Need to know how to dress professionally? Watch this video.  

6. Disinfectant Wipes

Especially on move-in day, wipes are great to have. While the rooms have been cleaned prior to everyone settling in, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick wipe down of surfaces. Throughout the year, these will be useful for cleaning purposes.

7. Robe

In most dorms, you will find a short walk down the corridor to the bathroom. Instead of tromping around in a towel, you may find it more comfortable to throw on a robe. Plus, they’re cozy!

8. Umbrella

Here in New England we get all kinds of weather, and it's often unpredictable — one minute it’ll be windy, the next it’ll be pouring. Rather than have a miserable walk to class in the rain, grab an umbrella.

9. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is one of those items that, unless you need it, you wouldn’t give it a second thought, but once you do, there is a sudden scramble to get your hands on a needle and thread. Going off of the lint roller and professional wear advice, there may come a time when a sewing kit would come in massively handy. Whether sewing a button back on or stitching a tear, you’ll find that being overly prepared is beneficial.

10. Clip-On Shelf

Clip-on shelves are superior to bedside tables in dorm rooms. To maximize floor space, it is best to stick with furniture pieces that can be stowed under and out of the way. Clip-on shelves work by hooking to dorm beds, be them lofted or low, giving you surface to place your phone, a book, etc.

Students studying in Dimond Library at UNH
Actual UNH students at Dimond Library

11. Nail Clippers/File

Just a reminder: Bring these. They’re one of those small things many of us take for granted, until we have none.

12. Chargers

I would recommend packing two of each charger — one to keep in your room and one for on-the-go. That way you won’t be in a rhythm working on a paper at the library only to notice your laptop is on five-percent charge, thus needing to break your focus to find one. (Been there.)

13. External Hard Drive

It is good practice to back up important information and documents onto a hard drive. What better time to get into the habit than in college? The benefit of having an external hard drive is that you can make more space available on your device at ease, have second copies and archives and keep secure information off of your portable device.

14. Mini Stapler

In the chance that you need to turn in a hard copy of a paper versus submit it online, which happens more than you’d think, having a mini stapler handy is huge.

15. Planner

Life can be busy, so plan it out. With more than 300 clubs/organizations and classes, avoid overbooking yourself and plan out your days effectively. Write down what you need to accomplish and when in a handy little notebook to reference.