Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Two girls sitting in dorm room at UNH
In the last UNH Tales post, we went over getting to know your roommate before school. Aside from filling out a questionnaire, there are so many other interactive ways to further that bonding. Hopefully each of these methods will give you a better understanding of one another and a positive start to the year. 

Who Brings What?

→ Check out UNH Housing's recommended packing list.

→ Create a master list together. 

→ Divide who brings what.

Create a Roommate Bucket List

While it’s unrealistic to expect to spend 24/7 with your roommate, it is important to schedule out moments you can spend together in a fun environment. Making an effort to hang with the person you’re living with outside of your dorm room can go a long way. If things get rough, you both have those positive memories to ground your actions in.

roommate bucket list

Print this image! 

Create a Shared Pinterest Board

On this board, pin posts about dorm decor, DIYs, recipes and, of course, all things UNH. Share in the excitement of being a Wildcat! Check out ours here.

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Start a Show

On a streaming platform, pick a program to watch together. Not only will this be a point of conversation, but this can be another activity to enjoy together once at school.

Meet Up

What better way to begin getting to know someone than to actually meet up in person? Prior to move-in day, try to find a central location or destination and meet. This could include something as simple as a coffee shop or at HoCo for dinner.

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