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Thursday, December 20, 2012
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Students Turn Trash to Treasure

Incoming students sought bargains during move-in weekend 2011 at the first-ever Trash 2 Treasure yard sale at UNH.


Hangin' with the Hammock Club

When they aren't overacheiving, members of this popular student group dedicate themselves to serious down time – up in the trees.


Bicycle-Powered Washer Aims to Bring Sustainable Convenience to Developing Nations

In rural areas of India, China, and other developing nations, dirt is ubiquitous. So are bicycles, used as a major form of transportation. But washing machines? They’re not so plentiful, so cleaning clothing is done by hand, an arduous, time-consuming task.


Occupational Therapy Student Does It Her Way

Jenn Aspinwall's future has been shaped by her two brothers. One is a Black Hawk helicopter pilot. The other has special needs. She calls both men her best friends.


Operation Hat Trick

Such a simple concept really. They wanted hats and UNH gave them hats. It started with a radio station contest in the fall of 2007 and after just four years of distributing hats more than 10,000 are on the heads of wounded soldiers around the country. But that was only the beginning. This week Operation Hat Trick went national.


Great Fish Stories

Marine biology student Sarah VanHorn shares her experiences working with the local fishing industry in a rich chowder of tips, stories, and advice. Meet the blogger behind “Fishues.”