UNH NSE Application & Placement Process

Students touring the Alamo in Texas

Get Started

  • Attend an NSE Info Session OR schedule an appointment with the UNH NSE Coordinator.
  • Explore Campus Profiles at nse.org. You can search by major, region, campus size, or special designations. 
  • Start your application: APPLY NOW!
  • Check out this quick tutorial video on how to make sure you've researched your campuses well.  
  • In your meeting, you will discuss eligibility, the placement process, timeline, how to find the perfect campus for your needs.


  • Research & select 3-5 campuses that meet your academic and personal goals.
    • Remember that UNH is on the HOME school tuition plan (formerly called Plan B) only.
    • Some campuses are more popular and therefore more competitive than others. Talk with your NSE Coordinator about selecting back up campuses.
  • Look through each school's NSE Profile as well as the official school website, social media sites, and course catalog of your top choices to get a good sense of the campus culture.
  • A great exchange experience requires good research, flexibility, and communication with advisors and NSE Coordinators. 

Apply Online!

  • Get started: APPLY NOW.
  • You don't have to finish your application in one sitting; just save and come back to it later.
  • Complete the UNH Study Away Eligibility Form, and submit it to the Dean's Office for your College at UNH.
  • Schedule an appointment with the UNH NSE Coordinator.  Together you'll review your choices and discuss options. 
  • When you are ready to hit the submit button, you will be sent a link to for the NSE application fee payment ($150). 
  • The UNH NSE priority deadline Feb. 24, 2022 by 4:00pm.  
  • If you miss that date, don't panic!  There will still be dozens of campuses available, just maybe not some of the most competitive ones. Contact the NSE Coordinator for an updated list. 

Adventure Awaits​

  • Preliminary placements are made at the annual NSE Conference in early March.
  • Applicants are only offered one placement: The NSE Coordinator tries for the first choice and if that is not available, she continues down your list of schools in the priority they are listed. Placements are not guaranteed, and are determined by many factors at each host campus, such as: their outgoing numbers, course availability, housing, and other factors. Applicants should work closely with the UNH NSE Coordinator to review past placement statistics.
  • Students who apply by the NSE Priority Deadline will be notified of their exchange site before by March 10, and will meet with the NSE Coordinator shortly thereafter to begin the necessary paperwork for participating in National Student Exchange, enrolling in the host campus, and completing course planning forms.