Program Details

The primary goals of BELS in New Hampshire are:

  1. To recruit 15 exemplary teachers from STEM disciplines (grades 6-10) to become BELS in NH Fellows, committed to improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of high-needs students in three of the largest school districts (Manchester, Nashua, Rochester) in NH.
  2. To provide interdisciplinary, asset-based, locally responsive professional development that prepares and supports BELS Fellows to serve as outstanding teacher leaders capable of designing and enacting project-based STEM learning that is culturally responsive, relevant and authentic, and who understand the effects of poverty on learning.
  3. To create a new capacity-building model for excellence in NH STEM professional development: one that uses a cohort approach to developing teacher leaders, is informed by principles of teacher learning across the career span, involves multi-level collaborations, and is sustainable.

BELS comprises three strands: teacher leadership, equity, and enriched STEM content and pedagogies. These strands are woven together to create a coordinated, comprehensive PD program for motivated teachers to positively impact STEM instruction at their school and across the state. BELS is a five-year program involving two phases of professional development including summer institutes, academic year workshops, PLCs, and mentoring plus teacher leadership opportunities at all levels including activities within partner school districts and STEM professional societies. Travel, meals, and a competitive fellowship stipend provided.

Preliminary BELS Professional Development Schedule

In-person workshops will be held at UNH Durham & Manchester campuses throughout the five years.

Summer Academy Intensive

  • PHASE I (Years 1-2): Approximate time commitment 8 days
  • PHASE II (Years 3-5): Approximate time commitment 3 days

Academic Year Workshops

  • PHASE I (Years 1-2): Approximate time commitment 30 hours
  • PHASE II (Years 3-5): Approximate time commitment 15 hours

Fellow Provides Outreach within District

  • PHASE I (Years 1-2): Approximate time commitment 10 hours

Fellow Provides Support within District

  • PHASE II (Years 3-5): Approximate time commitment 20 hours

PLCs & Coaching Sessions with UNH Leadership

  • PHASES I & II (Years 1-5): Approximate time commitment TBD

Fellow Designs & Implements Leadership Project

  • PHASE II (Years 3-5): Approximate time commitment TBD

Fellow Leads Workship at STEM Conference

  • PHASE II (Years 4-5): Approximate time commitment TBD
BELS in NH PD sequence

BELS Master Teaching Fellow benefits include:

  • As a Master Teaching Fellow receive $50,000 fellowship distributed as $10,000 per year for each of five years (failure to complete reverts to a loan)
  • Take part in ongoing professional development (5 years) to become a teacher leader in equity and STEM
  • Collaborate with a community of other BELS Master Teaching Fellows
  • Design a teacher leadership plan to align with your PD & district goals
  • Work directly with your school district and a NH STEM professional society to disseminate new ideas & strategies

BELS Master Teaching Fellow expectations/commitments include:

  • Accept the terms and conditions of the BELS salary supplement
  • Participate fully in all professional development activities (e.g., summer and school-year workshops, district meetings, coaching) over five years
  • Serve as a STEM teacher at a NH high-needs school district (i.e., one of the partner school districts) for the five-year duration of the BELS program
  • Design, teach, and model project-based STEM curricula that are community-responsive & inclusive
  • Implement a self-designed teacher leadership plan aligning with your PD and district goals
  • Take on a leadership role within your school district to lead your own PD activities for peers and colleagues
  • Work with partner NH STEM professional societies, New Hampshire Science Teachers Association & New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics, to fulfill your leadership plan
  • Provide feedback to the BELS Project Team on annual basis (i.e., online surveys) and share copies of your work as you progress through the BELS program