RETE 2021 Cohort

Courtney Beavan

Courtney Beavan:  I currently teach middle school mathematics in New York City. I graduated with a BA in Middle Grades Math and Science Education from Elon University and earned my Master’s in Mathematics Education from NYU. I am interested in incorporating project-based learning with real-world data into my classroom. My experience at UNH will impact my teaching practice by allowing me to connect the work engineers do in the field with the classroom experiences of my students every day in an effort to develop new ways of thinking and processing information in the STEM fields.

2021 RETE Poster:  Temperature Effect on Joint-Opening Movement within Composite Overlay Pavements


Erin Daggett

Erin Daggett:  I teach science at Kingswood Regional High School, in Wolfeboro New Hampshire. I currently teach 9th grade physical science, but have also taught biology, robotics, and middle school science. I have my Master of Arts in Teaching with a science concentration from Plymouth State University. What I have learned from the Research Education for Teachers Experience (RETE) at UNH impacts my teaching because I now realize where in the engineering process not knowing something can make you feel uncomfortable and yet I also understand how this can lead to the most growth as a learner. So as a teacher, I need to look for ways to foster the engineering process in an environment that empowers students to take risks as learners.

2021 RETE Poster:   Demonstration and Optimization of Prototype Zinc-Ion Battery Pouch Cell


Felicia Formisano photo

Felicia Formisano:  I am a 6th grade math teacher at Hampton Academy in Hampton, New Hampshire. This is my fourth year in the classroom, and I have previously taught 7thgrade math, 8thgrade math, as well as special education. I have my bachelor’s degree in education, and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Instruction and Leadership at Granite State College. I had the opportunity to participate in the Research Experience for Teachers of Engineering(RETE) during the summer of 2021. During this program, I had the opportunity to work with engineers in the environmental engineering department of UNH, completing research and experiencing the world of engineering. The takeaway I had from the program was learning how to work as a group, bouncing ideas off others and taking on a role in a large group project. I also learned about the length and depth of the projects environmental engineers work on. As an educator, I strive to complete more group work with my students to help them develop the necessary skills needed to be a member of a team and a good group member to others. This program helped me learn some of these skills that I should be fostering in the classroom. As I gain more teaching experience, I hope to incorporate more group work and utilize the skills I learned during this program.

2021 RETE Poster:  Using Unmanned Aerial Systems to Detect Pavement Elevation Change


Michael Lee photo

Michael Lee:  I work as a 7th& 8th grade technology engineering teacher. I have a Master’s in Education and a Bachelors in Technology Studies and Education K-12. Topics that are currently taught in my class are:
•Robotics-construction-programing-sensors-course navigation and competitions
•Aerodynamics-fundamentals-construction of wind turbine blades-testing-electricity-torque-water pump production-data analysis
•Arduino Electronics-coding-wiring-small circuit & real world application
•Hydroponics-Smart system introduction-plant growth-nutrients/PH-water level sensor-temp/humidity using Arduino
•CAD & 3D printing-CAD Design using Sketchup-Phone holder-bedroom design-game piece-house floor plans
I have had the great privilege and opportunity to work at UNH and be a part of the RETE. It has impacted my classroom environment by providing me with different technology avenues to be able to reach my 7th& 8thgrade learners. I am determined as a teacher to continue to evaluate my teaching methods, technology and comprehension levels of my students. Using knowledge and resources from the RETE program I have been able to apply some what I have learned into my classroom environment.

2021 RETE Poster:   Designs for Magnetic Pulse Welding