Good afternoon, Faculty and Staff of the University System of New Hampshire:
Last August, we shared that 100+ USNH colleagues, our presidents, and our Board of Trustees were evaluating products and vendors to modernize our financial, human resources, student administrative, and business systems, including the Banner and Colleague systems. Since 1989, we have accumulated 50+ systems built by 30+ vendors to enable us to engage parents and students, support the work of our staff and faculty, process our revenue, and execute procurement and other financial transactions.  While these systems were purpose-built to solve problems or fill gaps, many are outdated and require upgrades. They have collectively overwhelmed our ability to support our academic and research vision efficiently and effectively for our future students, faculty, researchers and staff.
Our presidents and the Board of Trustees recently approved moving forward with Workday, Inc. as the software provider for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.  An ERP is a platform used to build and integrate the business processes that support the people, revenue, procurement, expenses, and key customer engagement processes that drive positive business outcomes.
These system conversions will require a multi-year implementation effort.  Planning will begin this spring to deliver the first capabilities during late 2024 with the goal to finish during the calendar year 2027.  The extended period to complete this effort will ensure we have time to collaborate across the university system on critical needs, complete comprehensive system testing including user input, and make available detailed customer training.  We will keep you posted on progress and look forward to teaming with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth roll-out of capabilities.
We remain committed to actively partnering with our campus community and providing the resources and feedback mechanisms you will need to succeed and for our enterprise to take this on and thrive with a new solution.

In closing, THANK YOU to our ERP evaluation teams for their thorough evaluation of our current and proposed needs and how the individual vendors could best meet our requirements to improve our systems at every level.

Visit the ERP SharePoint site, where you can send questions, receive updates, and keep apprised of progress. There will be feedback sessions scheduled throughout the process.  For a current list of FAQs, please click here: ERP FAQs