Dashboard data is for internal UNH use only. To avoid mispresenting the university, please contact IR&A (institutional.research@unh.edu) before providing data to external surveys or agencies.

IR&A has initiated a program to develop interactive data visualizations and dashboards. This ongoing effort is intended to provide UNH academic and administrative units with data they need to make informed decisions on policy changes and initiatives and to explore trends among applicants and current UNH students.

Accessing Visualizations and Dashboards

The list and associated links to available visualizations, storyboards and dashboards can be found on the left side of this page. To access the dashboards, you must receive approval by IR&A and be granted access to Tableau Server by UNH IT.  For more information regarding Tableau and Tableau Server visit the Enterprise Information Management Tableau at UNH website.

If you are interested in accessing one or more of the dashboards, please submit a request by using our Request for Data webform. Instructions for requesting permissions and accessing the dashboards can be found here:  How to access Tableau dashboards.