Fall 2022 Student Editors

Juliana Mastan  

Juliana is a senior from Schenectady, New York, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and behavior, and genetics. Juliana chose UNH because she liked the broad range of opportunities offered here and it seemed to “check all of the boxes” of what she was looking for in both a school and temporary home for four years. Juliana maintains a full schedule with her many roles at UNH, which include serving as assistant hall director at Christensen Hall, coordinator for Neuroscience Peer-Led Team Learning, social media chair of Cat Pack Captains, fitness assistant at the Hamel Rec Center, campus tour guide, and last but not least, student editor for Inquiry. Juliana joined Inquiry’s editorial board to gain a different perspective on the research experience—one with a journalistic/editorial lens. Some of her pastimes include hammocking in College Woods with friends and watching movies. She views her many different roles on campus less as tasks and more as fun, interactive activities. After graduating in May 2023, Juliana intends to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy and work in psychiatric pharmacy.

Cassidy O’Brien

Cassidy decided to join Inquiry’s editorial board in order to learn more about the research process and to gain experience in writing and editing scientific articles. Originally from Albany, New York, Cassidy is a first-year student studying wildlife and conservation biology. She was drawn to UNH because of the campus location and the many research opportunities available at the University. Within the next five years Cassidy plans to maximize all the research possibilities that she can as an undergraduate while focusing on completing her degree. In her free time Cassidy enjoys working outside and doing field research in College Woods.

Anna Scheifele

Anna is is a junior (class of 2024) from Stratham, New Hampshire. She is pursuing a double major in French and English. Anna chose to attend UNH because she wanted to stay close to home and live in a close-knit college community. She is a member of the Honors-in-Major Program, and she occasionally attends French Club meetings. She also works part-time at the UNH Dairy Bar. Anna joined the Inquiry editorial board in fall of 2021  because she loves writing and believed it would provide  a good introductory editing experience. Her five-year plan is to intern at a publishing company as an editor in summer 2023 and to work in the book publishing industry after graduating from UNH. Anna enjoys seeing her friends on campus, taking trips to Portsmouth, going on coffee dates, going to the movies, and reading.