Research Briefs

—Jack Reynolds (Mentor: Kyung Jae Jeong)
Jack Reynolds shares the secrets of tissue engineering. Learn More
—Amir Robertson (Mentor: Jolie Wormwood)
Research on emotion expression has been done with models who fit within the gender binary. Amir's study aims to change that. Learn More
—Julia Ward (Mentor: Julie Bryce)
Julia's research measures the mercury present around the Mill Pond Dam, a key factor in the removal project. Learn More
—William Brandenburg (Mentor: Laura Kloepper)
Using data collected in Antarctica, William examined the bioacoustics of a valuable indicator species of climate change. Learn More
—Georgianna Fischer (Mentors: Wilfred Wollheim and Jacques Finlay)
In 2023, Minnesota experienced a high snow year followed by a dry summer. Georgianna looks at the impact of these conditions on Twin Cities waterways. Learn More
—Kelly R. Kaufmann (Mentor: Summer Cook)
Kelly, an exercise science major and UNH volleyball player, used her expertise to investigate crossover fatigue. Learn More
—Samuel Lavoie (Mentor: Nan Yi)
A chemical engineering major, Sam explored ways to improve the conversion of carbon dioxide to methane to help energy systems curb carbon emissions. Learn More
—Georgina Ramadanovic (Mentor: R. Scott Smith)
Georgina's research is part of an international effort to map and catalog ancient myth, headed by her UNH mentor and a colleague in Australia. Learn More
—Melanie Yelle (Mentors: Stephen Ciccone and Steve Irlbeck)
Inspired to explore her interest in finance, Melanie chose a timely and relevant research topic in the collapse of SVB. Learn More
—Amanda Ares (Mentor: Summer Cook)
Amanda learned important exercise science research techniques while uncovering some significant differences in lifestyle habits of her participants. Learn More