— Jillienne Robinson-Warren (Mentor: R. Scott Smith)
Jillienne traces her research process of developing a textbook on Roman women and travel. Learn More
—Jessica Gray (Mentor: Robert Letscher)
A graduate student in oceanography, Jessica shares her experiences as both an undergraduate and graduate student conducting climate change research. Learn More
—Vladimir Tkachev (Mentor: Arturo Andrade)
Vladimir shares what he learned about electrophysiological recording to spark an interest in others to pursue neuroscience research of their own. Learn More
—Tristan Anderson (Mentor: Karl J. Slifer)
Tristan hopes to energize readers about nuclear physics by sharing what he has learned from research in this field. Learn More
—Ben Mackillop (Mentor: Dante J. Scala)
Ben Mackillop’s research into NH politics was perfectly timed in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. Learn More
—Samuel Mercer (Mentor: Nan Yi)
The year 2020 forced many undergraduates to shift their carefully crafted research plans and revise their focus due to campus and lab closures. Learn More
—Aliya Sarris (Mentor: Holly Cashman)
Aliya transcribed oral histories of LGBTQ+ community members in the Seacoast area and learned the value of researcher positionality. Learn More
—Jake Gehrung (Mentor: David Clarke, Shadi S. Atallah, Rommel Montúfar)
Jake reflects on his three undergraduate research experiences and shares what he feels is the best way to learn the research process. Learn More
—Piper Gibson (Mentor: Nick Smith)
Piper questions retribution-based criminal sentencing and explores how utilizing utilitarian philosophy may result in greater happiness for society. Learn More
—Emily Soule (Mentor: Mary Fran T. Malone)
How can the United States successfully reform its drug policies? Emily investigates marijuana decriminalization in Uruguay to try to find out. Learn More