Bill Kidder - established UNH Kidder Fund for Awareness in 1993

Bill Kidder LGBTQ+ Awards

Nominations are solicited usually from January - March of each year for this award. For more information and/or to nominate faculty, staff and students go to the UNH Nomination Service
Bill Kidder Fund Awards & Grants
Bill Kidder established a UNH Kidder Fund for Awareness in 1993

William “Bill” Kidder was an alumnus of UNH. He served in many positions at the University and most notably as Dean of Students. Bill Kidder died as a result of complications due to AIDS and provided this fund as a way to continue his good work.

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The purpose of the Kidder Fund is to sponsor and encourage educational efforts that will enhance understanding of and advance opportunities for those whose sexual orientation and/or gender expression differs from the majority in our culture, to foster AIDS awareness, and to demonstrate the constructive contributions this important segment of our society is making.

  •  Distinguished Guest Lecture and Performance Series
  •  Educational and AIDS Awareness Programs
  •  Student Scholarships
  •  Faculty Awards
  •  Staff Awards

Kidder Fund Grants are available to support programs, reseach, events and projects that fulfill the purpose of the Kidder Fund.  For more information contact the Office of Community, Equity and Diversity, TEL # 862-1058. Grant proposal application form available here

Kidder Fund Awards;  $1,500 scholarship to students and $500 professional development funding for staff and faculty.  The awards seek to honor those who, through their scholarship, leadership, or outstanding efforts, foster greater understanding of sexual orientation and gender expression at the University of New Hampshire. These awards will be presented at the LGBTQ+ Pancake Breakfast scheduled usually scheduled in April. Nominations usually begine in early January.  Nomination form available here

The UNH Bill Kidder Fund Lifetime Achievement Award
This award has been presented in 2007 to J. Gregg Sanborn and in 2009 to Judy Spiller for their long standing contribution to the LGBTQ+ community, fostering understanding and advancing opportunities for those whose sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression differ from the majority in our culture.

Pink Triangle Group Award

Created by the President's Commission on the Status of LGBTQ+ People, this award seeks to recognize groups who have supported and advocated on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.  Nominations begin in early January and the awards are presented at the LGBTQ+ Pancake Breakfast in April. Nomination form and information here.

Listing of previous Award winners