Tribute Gifts

Honor and Remember


Making a gift in tribute to someone who has been important in your life is a special way to honor a legacy, keep a memory alive and share with future generations what has been meaningful to you. So many opportunities available to UNH students are created and sustained by such gifts.

Designating your tribute gift of any size to support an area of UNH that you care about makes it even more meaningful.

In Tribute: Nate Miller '08
Photo in memory of UNH alum Nate Miller '08

Nate Miller ’08 proposed to his girlfriend Jessica Kukla ’08 in the perfect place: the start line of a collegiate cycling race. Cycling was one of the passions the two shared throughout their undergrad years at UNH and beyond.

“Cycling took us all over the world, opening so many doors for us through that shared passion that transcended language barriers and cultural differences,” Jessica says.

On May 17, 2017, Nate was on his way to work, cycling in Turlock, California, when he was struck and killed by a motorist.

Now Jessica, along with Nate’s Wildcat friends, are honoring his memory by making memorial gifts in his name to the UNH cycling program. Through their generosity and that of other generous UNH cycling athletes, Nate’s love of the sport will live on as his legacy, impacting the lives of future cyclists.  

“He died doing what he loved,” Jessica says, “So it is an honor to Nate to give back to the organization that meant so much to us.”

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