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Associate Director of Development
COLSA, Sustainability Institute, Carsey School

In partnership with the Director of Development for COLSA and the leadership of COLSA, the Carsey School of Public Policy, and UNH Sustainability, the Associate Director of Development (ADD) will lead the expansion of existing fundraising efforts across key units and help transform them into a high-caliber, high-ROI program that reflects the unique culture, mission, goals, and strategic plans of UNH. In these efforts, s/he will work closely with board members, senior leadership, community members, donors, alumni, faculty, staff, and advancement colleagues, and will implement systems and structures for planning and decision making around fundraising, build pipelines of prospective donors, and strengthen the foundation of a comprehensive campaign.

ASSOCIATe director of development
colsa, sustainability institute, carsey school 

Hiring Manager: Cailand Lainey



Nadja Corcoran

I enjoy the opportunity to work with UNH families as they navigate the the college years for their children. Gifts from families are a testimony of confidence in the work we do supporting their kids, and I am always touched by the passion parents and alumni alike feel for UNH. I am fortunate to serve on a team of individuals so dedicated to their profession and willing to strive to achieve the greatest benefit possible for UNH students.

Nadja Corcoran
Associate Director of Family Philanthropy
Years at UNH: 3

Tia Delampan

After having worked in the Student Philanthropy Center during my undergraduate years at UNH, the transition into a FT Major Gift Officer has been extremely smooth and rewarding. The incredible training, passionate alumni, and supportive teammates truly make UNH the best place to work!

Tia Delampan '20
Associate Director of Development
Years at UNH: 2

Danny Buzzell

I enjoy the work that I do because of the impact we create as fundraisers and donors on our UNH student-athletes. I work with an incredible group of volunteer former student-athletes that have helped raise our participation rate among former athletes to 30%. Our alumni are so loyal, and it's rewarding to be able to tap their generosity to create opportunities for our student-athletes.

Danny Buzzell '12
Director of Annual Giving
Years at UNH: 6

Laura Chisholm

After several years at UNH, I made a mid-career transition into front-line fundraising as an institutional giving officer. I’m enjoying working with my development colleagues in new ways and collaborating with faculty members and others across campus to seek private foundation support for UNH’s distinctive research and programs. And of course, one of the great rewards of working at UNH is the opportunity to be enrolled in a degree program while receiving the tuition benefit.

Laura Chisholm,
Director of Institutional Giving
Years at UNH: 8

Kristin Porter

UNH has given me a renewed passion and energy for my professional role. With more than 4,000 people employed in a vast range of jobs, UNH feels more like a community than just a workplace. We offer a generous benefits package, opportunities for personal and professional development, an employee-friendly environment, and the satisfaction of being involved in a progressive and diverse organization.

Kristin Porter '06
Development Associate
Years at UNH: 6

Jackie Overton

Over recent years we’ve completely shifted our thinking on annual giving, and we’ve become more sophisticated in the “why, how, when” of communicating. We’ve placed annual giving officers on the front lines, engaged the entire campus in fundraising, and made significant impacts on every part of the university. It has been the highlight of my career to lead such a talented group of professionals, and there is STILL much more to do as we take our program to higher levels in this campaign.

Jackie Overton
Managing Director of Annual Giving
Years at UNH: 8

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