Gifts in Your Will or Living Trust

Gifts in Your Will or Living Trust
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From scholarships, to academic service programs, to campus buildings, the impact of estate gifts by generous benefactors has been central to furthering UNH's mission. In fact, the University of New Hampshire would not even be if it wasn't for Benjamin Thompson's generous bequest of the land where UNH now sits.

A simple, flexible, and versatile way to ensure UNH can do great work in the future is a gift in your will or living trust, known as a charitable bequest. By including a bequest to UNH in your will or living trust, you will make a profound difference in the lives of UNH students for years to come. And, you give UNH the honor of celebrating you and your legacy for the rest of your life.

This flexible gift option can be revised at any time, and can be simply an estimate of what you think will come from your estate—allowing you to also take care of your family. In addition, your gift may entitle your estate to an unlimited federal estate tax charitable deduction. An estate gift of any size is quite often the most straightforward way for members of the UNH family to realize their charitable goals and provides an avenue for alumni, parents, and friends to impact UNH beyond what would be possible during their lifetimes.

Enjoy attractive benefits

  • Direct a gift of any amount while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime.
  • Retain the flexibility to modify your intended gift at any point in time.
  • Create an outright gift from your estate entirely free from federal estate taxes, permitting UNH to utilize the full amount of your gift.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of creating a legacy and having a lasting impact by advancing UNH's mission.

Making an estate gift is simple

There are many creative ways to structure your estate plan that may allow you to make a gift to UNH while also providing for your loved ones. In many cases, an estate gift may provide you with the opportunity to make a more significant gift than might have been possible in the present. An estate gift to UNH may be as simple as completing a one-page form.

Estate gifts can be made to UNH through your will or living trust. Examples of these estate gift structures include a specific dollar amount, securities, real estate, or a percentage or residue of your estate. Another means of making an estate gift is by designating UNH as a beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy.

All gifts of any size are deeply appreciated and will make a lasting impact .

You may specify that your estate gift benefit a particular area of the University or you may leave your gift unrestricted to allow UNH to apply your gift where it will do the most good.

Leaving your estate gift unrestricted is an especially generous act, as it acknowledges that funding priorities evolve over time and demonstrates your trust in the University to steward your gift in a manner that honors your legacy.

Is UNH already in your estate plan?

If you have already made UNH a beneficiary of your estate, thank you! So that we can properly acknowledge and steward your gift, please contact us so we can provide simple documentation to ensure we follow and honor your intentions. You also have the option of remaining anonymous, even with this documentation.

Paul '71H and Anna Grace '76 Holloway

Paul '71H and Anna Grace '76 Holloway

A Prize Charitable Bequest

Paul '71H and Anna Grace Holloway '76 made a bequest to endow their namesake competition, the Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition


Apple blossoms in front of Paul College

Next Steps

  1.  Contact UNH's Office of Gift Planning for additional information on making your charitable bequest so we can help you direct your gift to the UNH cause that means the most to you.
  2. ​ Discuss the giving options with your personal advisors to be sure the gift vehicle you choose is the right fit for you.
  3.  Please let us know if you have made a gift to UNH in your estate plans, and we would be happy to recognize you in our Thompson Society, a special community of forward-thinking UNH alumni and friends who have created their legacy here. It is important to complete simple documentation with UNH to ensure we honor your wishes down the line.

Please feel free to share the sample bequest language below with your attorney:

Sample Language
“I give to the University of New Hampshire Foundation, Inc., at 9 Edgewood Road, Durham NH 03824, a New Hampshire nonprofit corporation, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number 02‐0437506, [insert here a description of the particular property]."

Please use the legal information below and share with your trusted advisors.

Legal Name: The University of New Hampshire Foundation, Inc.
Address: 9 Edgewood Road, Durham NH 03824
Tax ID: 02‐0437506

We're here to help you!

Please contact the UNH Office of Gift Planning with your questions.


Phone: (603) 862-3694

Welcome to the Thompson Society!

Thompson Society UNH

During the Celebrate 150 Campaign (2012-2018), more than 200 families made planned gifts to UNH, ranging from $10,000 to millions of dollars, which have already started to have an impact on future generations. But the story of legacy goes back to the origins of UNH when Benjamin Thompson left his farm and other assets to establish what would ultimately become the Durham campus of the University of New Hampshire.

The Thompson legacy has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, and yours can, too.

As a legacy donor, you'll become a member of the Thompson Society, a distinguished group of supporters who have documented planned gifts to UNH. The UNH Office of Gift Planning will work with you to explore options that best meet your philanthropic goals and timeline--whether you wish to make an immediate impact, generate income with your gift, or make gifts through your will. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this prestigious membership of generous donors providing support to generations of Wildcats to come, and we are honored to work with you to create your UNH legacy.