Ed Harvey

Director of Advancement Finances
Finance & Administration


Elliott Alumni Center

Job Description: 

Plan, control and schedule all accounting work for the Foundation including preparation of the annually audited financial statements. Responsible for all aspects of the planning and preparation of annual Advancement operating budgets and monitoring activity throughout the year. Review all endowment gifts to accurately determine unit values and produce individual market values and payouts for all funds in the pool. Responsible for on-going monitoring and evaluation of the investment valuations and due diligence.

Ski patrol, race directing, swimming, running with our dog Tasha, coaching and disciplining my two lovely children, and cooking.
Favorite Part of the Job: 
Helping to ensure a financially sustainable future for NH’s flagship public university.
Type of Position: 
Professional, Administrative & Technical Staff (PAT)
Supervisor's Name: 
Erik Gross
Start Date at UNH: