"My gift is celebrating UNH's rich history and vibrant future. In this uncertain world we need to ensure that this generation’s dreamers become doers, and a UNH education provides them the tools to make that possible."

— Katarina Goodall ’11


2018-2019 Impact Report


The impact of gifts to the University of New Hampshire is as far-reaching and varied as the students, faculty and staff who call this place home. From scholarships to sustainability programs, athletics to study abroad experiences, and everything in between, annual donors make meaningful opportunities possible across UNH’s three campuses. This report highlights the impact of philanthropy at UNH for the most recent fiscal year. Thank you to those of you who supported UNH this year — you make every day a great day to be a Wildcat!


Where'd your money go?

Nearly every part of the UNH experience benefited this year from donor support, but we thought you'd like to know how. Here are a few examples:

CEPS icon


The Olson Center purchased machinery that gives students the opportunity to solve real world manufacturing problems that complement their classroom learning.

CHHS icon


The occupational therapy department purchased a full skeleton as well as a model shoulder and hand to help students learn about the human musculoskeletal system.

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The College of Liberal Arts funded the space and equipment for the Civil Discourse Lab, which offers students the ability to conduct meaningful conversations around sometimes difficult but important topics.

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The UNH Brewing Science Laboratory purchased and maintained equipment for its facility.

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The hospitality management program purchased new kitchen equipment for their state-of-the-art facilities which provide real-world experience for students.

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UNH Athletics renovated a video room, which provides space and technology for teams to watch practice film, scout opponents, and prepare for competition.

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The Graduate School offered a writing bootcamp to more than 40 students allowing them to work on their dissertations and theses directly with faculty members.

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UNH Manchester offered stipends for books and supplies for qualifying students.

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UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law launched a hybrid JD program focusing on intellectual property and technology law.

Giving Breakdown

We really mean it when we say small gifts add up — whether it’s 10 bucks or $10,000, your generosity makes a difference.

Percentage of donors who gave less than $500

Total dollars received

Percentage of donors who gave less than $100

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Average Donor-Funded Scholarship Award

top five areas supported:

College of Liberal Arts
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

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Total Number of Funds Supported

In Their Own Words

The impact of donors' generosity can be seen throughout the university — from scholarships to facilities to programming to faculty support. Read about a few of the programs and how donors support the opportunities they offer.

  • CEPS


    College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

    Thanks to the new donor-funded Innovation Scholars program, 50 first-year students were able to conduct independent research and present their findings at the Undergraduate Research Conference’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium.

  • CHHS


    College of Health and Human Services

    Giving to the College of Health and Human Services ultimately helps others — clients who take advantage of programs offered through the Institute on Disability or Northeast Passage, patients who reap the benefits of the knowledge [scholarship-supported] students gain in the classroom, and countless others. Donor support inspires us to be strong, compassionate leaders who transform and improve the health and human services environment across the state, the region and the world.

  • COLA


    College of Liberal Arts

    In the College of Liberal Arts more students than ever are undertaking internships, studying abroad, conducting research and gaining hands-on world-ready experience under close faculty guidance. This is all possible because of donor support, which among other things helped cover student conference registration fees for NH Council of Teachers of English, allowed 22 students to attend the National Model UN Conference in NYC and funded graduate student Ph.D. stipends to complete degrees throughout the summer.



    College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

    The College of Life Sciences and Agriculture offered much-needed stipends to students pursuing experiential learning opportunities such as unpaid internships and research opportunities as well as study abroad through support from donors. These opportunities allow students to make a difference — be it identifying the molecular pathway that leads to a new treatment for disease, understanding the complex forces that impact our ecosystems and natural landscapes or finding solutions for a global food system tasked with feeding billions.

  • Paul College


    Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

    At the Paul College of Business and Economics, donor support benefits the Internship Opportunity Fund which strengthens the career readiness of our students and the quality of their career outcomes. The fund provided $2,500 stipends to 26 students who needed additional funding to take advantage of high-quality internships in expensive metropolitan areas as well as for students interning in non-profit, social enterprise organizations and start-ups that weren’t able to provide a stipend.

  • Athletics



    The generosity of donors helps UNH Athletics offset the costs of scholarships, equipment purchases, team meals and travel, and other initiatives that benefit more than 500 student-athletes, including the Wildcat Fueling Station, which provides nutritious snacks to keep our Wildcats fueled during the day.

  • Grad School


    Graduate School

    The UNH Graduate School is able to fund various academic and professional opportunities for its students through donor support. Examples include more than 50 students participating in the Three Minute Thesis Competition and more than 200 students being awarded travel grants for conferences.

  • UNH Manchester


    UNH Manchester

    Thanks to support from our donors, UNH Manchester was able to welcome an inaugural cohort of eight students into the Millyard Scholars Program, which provides scholarships and research opportunities to exceptional biotechnology students.

  • Law School


    UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

    Scholarships for talented students who may not be able to afford their degree otherwise are the most important thing donors can support at the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law. We are an innovative law school, committed to developing graduates who are global leaders in intellectual property, general practice, public interest and social justice, and commerce and technology.

  • Honors Program


    Honors Program

    For the Honors Program, donors make the difference between merely running our program and offering students special, enriched and valuable opportunities, both within and outside the classroom. Donor support has funded cultural trips and career events in Boston, student travel to conferences, and "Honors Welcome" experiences for new students.

Annual Impact graphic


  • T Hall with blooming trees

    Why I choose to give

    “My gift is meant to celebrate global perspective, objectivity, critical analysis and rational thought — principles that were instilled in me while attending UNH.”

    — Stephen True ’06

  • Aerial view of Thompson Hall in the summer

    Why I choose to give

    “UNH has opened so many doors for my life over the last 10 years — more young people should have the opportunity to experience this life-changing place many of us call home.”

    — Evan Beals ’14

  • View of brick building with fall foliage

    Why I choose to give

    “The fact that almost a half century ago I received an excellent education from the UNH history department that allowed me to succeed as a teacher. I want others to have the same opportunity.”

    — Ann Boulanger ’70

  • UNH students

    Why I choose to give

    “Honoring the many professors who helped provide me the skills (and confidence) to launch my engineering firm, which focuses on robotics, motion control, machine vision and the industrial internet of things. The mentors I worked with at UNH helped make it all happen.”

    — Scott Henddrickson ’88

  • UNH students near Paul College

    Why I choose to give

    “My gift is celebrating all the wonderful things that I experienced at UNH and how much I appreciate the education I received there! It wasn't just an academic education, but a "how to handle the real world" education as well. UNH has so much to offer everyone who attends; it is an amazing place where you get the feel of a bigger school population, but on a smaller, close-knit, traditional, beautiful New England campus. The academics are wonderful; it's close to the mountains and the coast; and, for me, it was never far from home. I've never known anyone who was part of the UNH family who didn't absolutely love UNH!”

    — Karen Gulley ’93

  • UNH campus building

    Why I choose to give

    “It has been five years since I ran my last race as a Wildcat! I look back fondly at my time as a member of the cross country and track teams. The skills they taught me on the track have continued to help me in my career as a registered nurse. Go ’Cats!”

    — Elise Peterson ’14

  • UNH campus building

    Why I choose to give

    “The research opportunities that were provided to me as an undergraduate at UNH formed the foundation on which my career was built.”

    — Jason Heaney ’98

UNH Worldwide

In the last 12 months, gifts to UNH came from every corner of the globe, including all 50 states.

Annual Giving impact map

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