"My gift is celebrating the impact UNH has on the world. It has been the most meaningful experience of my life, and I want to give back so others can share that experience."

— John Swenson ’84


2017-2018 Impact Report


The impact of gifts to the University of New Hampshire is as far-reaching and varied as the students, faculty and staff who call this place home. From scholarships to sustainability programs, athletics to study abroad experiences, and everything in between, annual donors make meaningful opportunities possible across UNH’s three campuses. This report highlights the impact of philanthropy at UNH for the most recent fiscal year. Thank you to those of you who supported UNH this year — you make every day a great day to be a Wildcat!


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  • Thompson Hall bell tower on a clear summer day

    Why I choose to give

    “I received my nursing degree in 1974 and am still actively in practice today ... The education I received at UNH was the basis for what I achieved in my career. Thank you!”

    — Brenda Richards ’74

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    Why I choose to give

    “My gift is celebrating the impact UNH has on the world. It has been the most meaningful experience of my life, and I want to give back so others can share that experience.”

    — John Swenson ’84

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    Why I choose to give

    “My gift is celebrating UNH civil engineering students and alumni and their contributions to making New Hampshire a better place to live and work.”

    — Carl Thunberg ’85

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    Why I choose to give

    “UNH provided me an incredible education that was affordable. I'm grateful for the financial aid I received as well as the small classes and support that the Honors Program provided. This gift is made in gratitude for my experience at UNH.”

    — Jennifer Latham ’90

  • UNH students

    Why I choose to give

    “I give to ensure that UNH is a viable option for NH students who want to pursue their degree within their home state.”

    — Jacquelyn Snow ’93

  • UNH campus

    Why I choose to give

    “I was a student of color and on financial aid while attending UNH. I studied abroad in Cuba and received a scholarship from the Center for International Education. That scholarship meant a lot to me, and I’m very happy to see a concerted effort to offer to other people in similar circumstances to my own at the time. Thank you!”

    — Andy Houston ’03

  • UNH campus building

    Why I choose to give

    “This year, my gift is celebrating the people of UNH. The connections that I have made as an alum have enriched my world both professionally and personally. Giving to the scholarship fund helps future Wildcats join the family.”

    — Kait Smith ’07

  • UNH campus building

    Why I choose to give

    “I wouldn't be where I am today and might not be in a position to give back without the connections I made and opportunities I had while at UNH!”

    — Victoria Schapiro ’13

Why Scholarships Matter

Times are harder in Berlin, New Hampshire, than when Craig ’73 and Linda Labnon Rydin ’71 were growing up there. The Rydins' scholarship fund is helping other great students from the North Country town
come to UNH – a win all around!

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Average Donor-Funded Scholarship Award

top 5 areas supported:

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

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Total Number of Funds Supported

In Their Own Words

The impact of donors' generosity can be seen throughout the university — from scholarships to facilities, programming to faculty, and everything in between. Read about a few of the programs and how donors support the opportunities they offer.

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    Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise

    The Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise (CSIE) encourages students, faculty and staff to engage with an emerging field harnessing the tools of business and public policy to contribute to a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. CSIE offers many programs and events to support students in their learning paths and growth and faculty and community partners in their social innovation work. Donors support a wide variety of programming and student opportunities to intern at nonprofits and small start-ups.

  • CSDC teacher and student


    Child Study and Development Center

    The Child Study and Development Center is a laboratory school affiliated with UNH’s department of human development and family studies with both an early care and education mission and an academic mission. Children attending the center and the UNH students working there benefit from the highly trained teaching staff and family studies faculty. Donors support our children, families and research by improving our physical space and materials to create more opportunities for child inquiry and expand on curriculum.

  • Leitzel Center


    Leitzel Center

    UNH’s Joan and James Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education works to transform education in elementary and secondary schools and non-formal settings through quality research, carefully examined practice and interdisciplinary collaboration. With support from donors, we are able to provide scholarships for youth and for teacher professional development, enhance STEM programming in New Hampshire’s North Country, send teachers to national conferences and pay for memberships in professional organizations.

  • UNH Library



    Gifts from donors support the "extras" that UNH’s Dimond Library might not otherwise be able to purchase. We have been able to provide charging stations for students and an iPad photo booth that has increased student engagement at library events like Frazzle-Free Finals and with the library at UDay. We have found that students love buttons and plan to purchase a button-making machine to use at library events too.

  • Veteran


    Military & Veteran Services

    Donors support our work to serve students who use any form of military education benefit to attend UNH. Funds raised will allow us to enhance our community training to educate and raise awareness about the veterans in our midst and purchase items for our new space in Hood House that were not in our budget, such as a couch and other comfortable seating for our student social lounge.

Where'd your money go?

Nearly every part of the UNH experience benefited this year from donor support, but we thought you'd like to know how. Here are a few examples:

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Serving Our Veterans

You helped support our military and veteran students in a variety of ways, including purchasing comfortable furniture for their new space in Hood House.


Through The (603) Challenge, you’ve helped provide materials for the ECenter’s Makerspace, giving students the tools to develop their innovative interests.

Works of Art

Your support helped fund art acquisitions and exhibitions featuring regional and national artists of distinction at the UNH Museum of Art.


Your gifts helped create interview space for on-campus recruitment and hiring through UNH Career and Professional Success.

Real-World Experiences

You helped fund expenses for students working to provide clean water to people in need through Engineers Without Borders.

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Thanks to you, the Wildcat Marching Band (WMB) is getting new uniforms, so whether taking to the field at football games or leading a parade, the WMB will look as great as it sounds.

Giving Breakdown

We really mean it when we say small gifts add up — whether it’s ten bucks or $10,000, your generosity makes a difference.

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Percentage of donors who gave less than $500

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Total dollars received

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Percentage of donors who gave less than $100

UNH Worldwide

In the last 12 months, gifts to UNH came from every corner of the globe, including all 50 states.

Annual Giving impact map

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