"Forever grateful for so many people who made my UNH experience some of the best years of my life. Once a wildcat, always a wildcat."

— Carolyn Ierardi '17


2019-2020 Impact Report


The impact of gifts to the University of New Hampshire is as far-reaching and varied as the students, faculty and staff who call this place home. This report highlights the impact of philanthropy at UNH for the most recent fiscal year – which has been more powerful than ever as we've faced unprecedented challenges. We were able to adapt and support our students in new and critical ways, including the creation of the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. Developed to help students impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fund is supported entirely through the generosity of donors and has aided more than 500 students. Thank you to those of you who supported UNH this year — you make every day a great day to be a Wildcat!


Where'd your money go?

Nearly every part of the UNH experience benefited this year from donor support, but we thought you'd like to know how. Here are a few examples:

CEPS icon


The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences connected UNH students to New Hampshire youth by hosting Tech Camp remotely and free of charge for all 40 families enrolled in the program.

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The Nursing Department purchased a birthing mom simulator for its lab allowing students the ability to practice core skills, enhance clinical competence and experience realistic encounters with patients.

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The College of Liberal Arts was able to help purchase an Isomet, which is a piece of equipment that helps students learn techniques in forensic anthropology.

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The New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Lab has been able to purchase a coverslipper for histology and the antibiotic plate reader for microbiology that not only has improved the quality, speed and technical capabilities of service but has essentially made it possible to remain open during COVID-19.

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The new Business in Practice program launched the "Forge," which serves as a transformational work space for students working on real-world digital marketing, data analytics and other experiences dedicated to education beyond the classroom.

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UNH Athletics renovated and expanded the Jerry Azumah Performance Center, providing a safer and enhanced workout space including a turf surface to help simulate outdoor workouts and exercises.

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The Graduate School nearly doubled attendance at its writing bootcamp to more than 70 students, giving them the opportunity to work on their dissertations and theses directly with faculty members.

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UNH Manchester launched its Millyard Scholars Program, providing scholarships and research opportunities to eight exceptional incoming students in the biotechnology and engineering technology programs.

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This year UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law was able to provide stipends to more than 60 Rudman Summer Fellows who devote their summer employment, without pay, to government agencies and nonprofit entities.

Giving Breakdown

We really mean it when we say small gifts add up — whether it’s 10 bucks or $10,000, your generosity makes a difference.

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Percentage of donors who gave less than $500

Total dollars received

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Percentage of donors who gave less than $100

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Average Donor-Funded Scholarship Award

top five areas supported:

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
College of Liberal Arts

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Total Number of Funds Supported

In Their Own Words

The impact of donors' generosity can be seen throughout the university — from scholarships to facilities to programming to faculty support. Read about a few of the programs and how donors support the opportunities they offer.

  • CEPS


    College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

    Donor support is vital to the experience of CEPS student organizations, such as Society of Women Engineers (SWE). This support allows members to attend local and national conferences where they interact with industry professionals, learn valuable networking skills and participate in educational talks given by experts in their field. The students also share their experience with local communities through after school engineering activities for middle school girls.

  • CHHS


    College of Health and Human Services

    For 50 years the College of Health and Human Services has been preparing a strong, compassionate workforce, and through our research we’ve provided solutions that improve the lives of those we serve in New Hampshire and beyond. Giving to the College of Health and Human Services assists us in our pursuit to “rise by lifting others” and to ultimately keep pace – and often stay a step ahead of – advances in the health and human services fields.

  • COLA


    College of Liberal Arts

    Donor support allows COLA to provide financial assistance, state-of-the-art equipment, life-changing experiences and so much more to its students. Without this additional funding generously provided by our supporters each year, COLA wouldn’t be able to offer the well-rounded and marketable education across its wide-range of disciplines that the college has become known for. 



    College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

    Through COLSA's SOAR Fund, students were able to attend conferences across the country where they not only enhanced their own learning but brought valuable knowledge and skills back to the COLSA community. This funding also provides internship stipends that give our COLSA students the opportunity to gain a competitive edge when they enter the workforce and receive invaluable hands-on experience at institutions and organizations like the Mayo Clinic, New England Wildlife Center, Boston Children's Hospital, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and many more.

  • Paul College


    Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

    At the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, donor support benefits the Business in Practice Program, which connects students with industry professionals and allows them to grow their knowledge and experience beyond the classroom with real-world guidance from experts.  Students gain industry experience by working in groups like Voice Z Digital, a student-run digital marketing agency, and Artifex, a student-run data analytics organization.

  • Athletics



    Donor support to Athletic Director's Priorities and other general athletic funds benefits all UNH student-athletes and provides resources aimed to promote student-athlete well-being. Sport-specific donations provide enhancements to each sport and allow our coaches to invest in student-athlete and team success, such as team bonding experiences, professional development opportunities and community service initiatives.

  • Grad School


    Graduate School

    The UNH Graduate School is able to fund various professional development opportunities for its students through donor support. Examples include 20 students participating in the Three Minute Thesis Competition – which included prize money – and nearly 200 students being able to participate in the Graduate Research Conference via a virtual platform.

  • UNH Manchester


    UNH Manchester

    Thanks to support from our donors, UNH Manchester was able to expand its Millyard Scholars Program to offer scholarships and research opportunities to exceptional engineering technology students in addition to biotechnology students.

  • Law School


    UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

    Donor funding allowed the law school to offer even more robust programming in areas like intellectual property. Two teams from the law school took home first and second place in the semi-finals of the regional 2020 USPTO Patent Drafting Competition, held virtually this year in March. Donations also helped the law school provide an immersive classroom experience in Silicon Valley where students learned from the heads of Apple, Dolby, Microsoft and more. The law school also brought back the Intellectual Property Summer Institute (IPSI) to further establish itself as a leader in IP education, scholarship and practice. Without donor support, the law school would not be the beacon of legal education it is today.

  • Honors Program



    Donor support is the driving force behind student success at UNH’s Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter), allowing us to grow our programs and impact year-over-year. Students from all colleges and majors benefit from a range of high-impact experiential programs, including our Paid Student Internships at Start-Ups Program, Summer Seed Grant and i2 Passport Program, as well as the student-run Makerspace and Entrepreneurship Club. Students who participate in these donor-funded programs not only develop the skills needed to be creative, innovative thinkers ready to launch their own companies, but are also highly attractive candidates for top companies looking to hire proven innovators.

Giving infographic

  • T-Hall at dusk

    Why I choose to give

    “I have many wonderful memories of UNH, especially of the activities and programs I was involved in that shaped my career in campus recreation and club sports. My niece currently attends UNH and I am so proud of her! I hope to continue to support specific athletic teams, Northeast Passage and student programs.”

    — Karen Hilberg '79

  • Aerial view of campus

    Why I choose to give

    "I wanted to help an organization that is doing great work to provide changemakers the resources they need to make a difference in the world."

    — Grace O'Connor '22

  • Paul College view

    Why I choose to give

    “I want to give back to the college that has helped me become the forward-thinking problem solver that I am today.”

    — Sean Lahey '19

  • UNH campus

    Why I choose to give

    “UNH was the place where I feel I grew so much. I learned how everyone around me has something unique to contribute, l learned how teamwork and a strong work ethic produce results, and probably most importantly, I learned what makes me happy and how important it is to be grateful!”

    — Diane Duncan '90

  • UNH campus

    Why I choose to give

    “The staff and professors have left a mark on my personal and professional life. We are so fortunate that our daughter still has one more year in the program. As an employee, I see UNH as my professional home. It is a magical and inspiring place to work.”

    — Jessica Carver '10

  • UNH campus building

    Why I choose to give

    “The professors in the Classics department supported me and helped me develop the skills I needed to succeed after graduating. The energy and enthusiasm they brought to the classroom taught me to follow my own passions and never stop learning.”

    — Kristin Dhabolt '08

  • UNH campus building

    Why I choose to give

    “We want to make sure current and future UNH students have the opportunity to learn not only in the classroom, but through their varsity athletic pursuits. The men's and women's cross country and track & field teams were an integral part of both my and my husband's eduction and life experience. We wouldn't be who we are today without them. Sending love to the UNH community.”

    — Amy Gosztyla '01

UNH Worldwide

In the last 12 months, gifts to UNH came from every corner of the globe, including all 50 states.

Annual Giving impact map

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