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Thursday: Concurrent Sessions

Get help with your FITSI Goals in one of these sessions:

Topic Room

Instructional Design








Thursday: Sharing Session

Here is the link to the Google Slides document for the sharing session Thursday afternoon: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xEenNzWB6qQJEGkoKT3kB_YOnbk_N_IchSdsuda_XsA/edit?usp=sharing

Each of you has a slide. Add bullets and/or images (feel free to be creative) to your slide as talking points for Thursday’s session. Remember, you’ll have about 3 minutes to share.

Share your instructional challenge, possible solutions that you will pursue over the coming months, and anything else you’d like to include about your FITSI experience.

Wednesday: CETL Workshop Resources

Please download "Multimedia Slides" onto your tablets.

Wednesday: Unconference Sessions

  Paul College Room:
  G59 G25 G45 G93
1:25-1:50 What perspectives, approaches, and experiences from faculty of color offer to the study of facutly instructional technologies? Keeping us in or putting us out of business? UNH strategy for online delivery: economcs or good teaching? Create online quizzes and tests--how to effectivley create these? What not to do, should students take these assessment in or out of class? --

Creating effective (and cheat-proof) online tests.

Grade inflation: teaching to mastery or a curve?
1:50-2:15 #hashtag Research and other ways Twitter can make you (and your students) smarter. How to deal with math and proof-intense courses online? How to use technology in a problem-solving class (math/science/economics)? Real teachers/real students? Should we encourage teachers and students to re-imagine their identity online? Practical information on presentation and educational apps with brief demos by anyone familiar with such apps (focus on image colection resources).
2:15-2:55 What are the advantages and disadvantages of providing lecture notes to students? What are creative methods to address this problem? Use of media to improve engagement in large enrollment courses. How to ask good questions in class? How many are enough for 50 minutes? How to best manage assignments in a class with lots of students and no TAs?
3:00-3:15 UnConference Debrief      


Tuesday: iClicker Sessions 

Tuesday: Keynote Sessions