Permanent Committees of the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate constitution provides that the Senate has permanent committees that include non-senators as members. 

1. The Professional Standards Committee. The Professional Standards Committee will concern itself with matters affecting the welfare of the faculty including academic freedom, promotion, tenure, workload assignments, faculty personnel policy, and professional ethics. This committee has a role established by a  collective bargaining agreement relating to termination or severe sanctions placed on faculty members.  The Professional Standards Committee will be elected by tenure-track faculty in the AAUP-UNH bargaining-unit by approval ballots in CEPS, COLSA, COLA, CHHS, PCBE, UNH-Manchester, and the Library. All tenured faculty members will automatically be the nominees on their respective ballots. The Faculty Senate will supervise this election. The Professional Standards Committee will have seven directly elected members,  one from each of the following: CEPS, COLSA, COLA, CHHS, PCBE, UNH-Manchester, and the Library. In addition the vice chair of the Faculty Senate will be the eighth member and the chair of the committee.

2. The University Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee (“UCAPC”) shall function under its Senate Charter.

3. The Discovery Committee

4. The Faculty Senate may establish other permanent committees by charter.