Campus Planning Committee

Chair: Bill Berndtson

The Campus Planning Committee will concern itself with space allocation, facilities, and physical plant planning.

The chair or the chair’s designee should attend meetings as an observer to the Space Allocation, Repair and Renovation Committee. The chair or designee should attend meetings as a member of the Campus Master Plan Steering Committee.

Reports and motions need to be forwarded electronically to the Agenda Committee for review and placement on the agenda, which will be sent to Senators on the Thursday or Friday before the Senate meeting. Every effort will be made to include reports and motions as electronic back-ups for each Faculty Senate meeting so that Senators have access to the material ahead of time and can be prepared to deliberate on the materials. The Committee’s assistance with preparing and submitting the documents to assist the Senate is greatly appreciated.

Corresponding Administrators:

Assistant Vice President for Energy and Campus Development, Real Property Management, & Campus Planning, Assistant Vice President of Facilities & Operations, Campus Planner


Campus Planning Committee

Charges for Academic Year 2017-2018

A.  Ongoing Charges

1. Analyze how current and planned facilities compare to the needs of the faculty     especially in the area of teaching; for example, do we have enough classrooms that are suitable for group discussions?

2. Monitor and report on campus parking, including issues of space allocation, scarcity, or cost.

B.  New Charges

1. Establish and maintain frequent communication with SAARC, and especially Doug Bencks (UNH Architect) and Bill Janelle (AVP Facilities). Committee needs to report EARLY FALL on possible SARRC projects, so that Senate can weigh in (in some fashion) on what construction / renovation projects should get priority.

2. Follow-up on Spring 2016 passed senate motion on adding two lactation rooms to UNH Durham campus. Look for progress toward pinpointing specific locations, get plans for renovation, and seek when rooms would come on line and be ready for use.

3. Follow-up on Spring 2017 passed Senate Motion #XXI-M12 on UNH-Private ventures.

4. Follow-up on Spring 2017 passed Senate Motion #XXI-M13 on Tobacco policy, working with Healthy UNH and CHHS Dean Mike Ferrara.

5. Look into transportation for field trips for UNH courses: most economical/efficient method of transport, recommended/ UNH-approved pick up/drop off, parking location, mitigating instructor liability, etc. [Alternative to renting busses for $1000 to visit Lee, NH? Renting from Enterprise?]

6. Examine changes in parking policies. (i.e. Lot B - removing meters, converting to F/S parking spaces, etc., Lot A – removal of 10-minute loading zone) Work with Transportation Policy Committee (TPC).

7. Examine improving the safety/mobility for pedestrians during construction projects that directly impact sidewalks (e.g., Academic Way outside of PCAC – especially during snow events), including obstruction of sidewalks by construction vehicles (marking areas and providing reasonable detours.

9. Ask Doug Bencks to meet with the Senate CPC meeting one time in Fall semester, and one time in Spring semester. Questions to ask him include:

10. Follow up on the email sent by Kali Mondor to 2016-17 CPC chair (ask UNH undergraduate student body president about this too) about adding a sidewalk to the MUB circle drive.

11. Examine UNH Campus Planning’s proposed installation of 2 Level 2 Electric Vehicle charging stations on campus. Contact person will be Stephen Pesci; he has expressed interest input from faculty on the proposal.

Standing Charge

The charges from the Agenda Committee shall comprise the major and first-order work of the Campus Planning Committee. However, the Committee may pursue additional issues in pursuit of its mission, stated above. If the additional issue interferes with the timelines stated in the charges above, the Committee must receive permission from the Agenda Committee before proceeding. If the additional interest does not interfere with the established timelines, the Committee must inform the Agenda Committee.

Campus Planning Committee Membership 2017-2018

  • William Berndtson, Biological Sciences, COLSA, chair
  • Tama Andrews, Political Science, COLA
  • Tom Ballestero, Civil & Environmental Engineering, CEPS
  • Joe Dwyer, Physics, CEPS
  • Mary Friedman, Natural Resources & the Environment, COLSA
  • Marc Herold, Economics, PCBE
  • Marc Hiller, Health Management & Policy, CHHS
  • Danielle Pillet-Shore, Communication, COLA
  • William Ross, Library
  • GSS representative
  • SS representatitve