Student Idea Fund

Student Idea Fund Graphic

Grant Stipends to Help Grow Your Idea

With the rapid success of the ECenter, we have seen a high number of student ideas and ventures move to the true development stage.

The hurdle of paying for initial launch items include domain names, web hosting costs, prototype development, etc. is limiting students' ability to reach that next level.

Thanks to the Patten Family Foundation, the Student Idea Fund is designed to allow the ECenter Executive Director to provide small, non-equity based funding grants to help students pay for some required expenses.

Applications will be reviewed and awarded based upon importance of the funding for the success of the venture and readiness of the student(s) to maximize the funding.

  • Open to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Students may apply anytime between: September 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.
  • $250 maximum grant per individual.


I understand that this grant may be taxable and I may receive tax forms from UNH.
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