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The Shaw Innovation Explorers Program is open to all rising sophomores at UNH Durham from any college on campus and any major.

The Program seeks to identify proven creative and innovative students to participate in a year-long program during the student’s sophomore year at UNH. Up to twelve students will be accepted into this competitive and prestigious ECenter Student Fellows Program. While academic standing is important, more weight is given to students who have proven in high school and/or their first year at UNH that they are adventurous, curious, creative, and/or innovative in their personal or academic pursuits. Each of these attributes can be found in all areas of interest: music, art/design, finance, social sciences, education, athletics, science, performing arts, nursing/health, technology, writing, business, poetry, engineering, and many more.  

Do you have what it takes to be an Explorer? We want to hear from you!


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The Explorers Program is a year-long program that requires unwavering commitment to prioritize participation. Each student will receive a $3,000 scholarship/stipend to help support their education at UNH. Please be aware of the following program expectations.

Because the Explorers Program includes a significant number of activities OFF-CAMPUS that require travel, many, if not all, of these events/activities will occur on weekends in the New England area and in some instances require an overnight stay. Currently, field-trip events are proposed to be once a month or more on the weekends and include potentially attending one large multi-day national conference (which would take place during UNH Spring Break 2024). All expenses will be covered by the Explorers Program. There will be other required on campus meetings/events as well, including bi-weekly Explorer round table sessions from 12:45 - 1:45 on every other Tuesday at the ECenter, starting August 31, 2023. You agree that you will arrange your academic schedule to be available for the meetings. If you are not available, you will not be allowed to participate in the Explorers program.

Accepted students are required to follow UNH COVID protocols to engage and remain in the Explorers program.

Students who are accepted but do not participate in all activities without prior permission based upon an acceptable reason will be asked to leave the Explorers Program.

By selecting "I agree" below, you understand and commit to the time requirements of the Explorers Program and understand that you will be asked to leave the program if you do not fully participate and will not receive all or some of the scholarship funds.
I understand that some activities may require outdoor/physical engagement and/or team building and am prepared to participate to the best of my abilities.


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Note: Participation in these programs is not a requirement for the Explorers. If you have not participated in these programs it will not impact your application.


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Please share any examples of your creativity or innovation (images, video, etc.)
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Please create a video introducing yourself  (up to 2 minutes), to help us get to know you. Share whatever you would like that demonstrates your adventurousness, curiosity, creativity, and/or innovative mindset. Upload your video to YouTube, or a similar platform, and provide the link below for review.

Note: You may be requested to do an interview as part of the evaluation process and will be given appropriate time to schedule and prepare.


By signing my name below, I understand the expectations and commitments required to be selected and participate in the Shaw Innovation Explorers Program. I certify that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my ability.

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