Reporting Requirements

Employees including faculty, staff and graduate students should offer information about Privileged Confidential Support Services at the time of receiving a report of a sexual violence incident.

This page details the obligation of faculty, staff, graduate students and other employees to report incidents of sexual violence when they receive notice of such incidents.

If you are an employee interested in filing a complaint on your own behalf, the same reporting options are available to you.

What Should Be Reported?

All instances of sexual violence must be reported. At UNH, sexual violence includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, relationship abuse, dating violence, and stalking (including cyber-stalking). See definitions in UNH Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy, and New Hampshire State Law.

Who Must Report?

UNH Mandatory Reporters are required to report.

UNH Staff, UNH Faculty, Coaches, Community Assistants (CA’s), Resident Assistants (RA’s), Teaching Assistants (TA’s), Research Assistants, CONNECT Mentors, Graduate and Undergraduate Student Senate Executive Leaders (when conducting work for the Student Senate), Youth Camp Counselors working with minors, UNH Manchester Peer Leaders and Peer Advisors, Student Campus Safety Officers working for UNH PD.

The ONLY exceptions to this rule are students who personally experience sexual violence but do not wish to report, privileged confidential support service providers and the Employee Assistance Program.

How Should I Report?

  • If someone is in danger, call 911 immediately.
  • During business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday: call the UNH Title IX Coordinator, Civil Rights & Equity Office at (603) 862-2930 / TTY Users 7-1-1
  • If the UNH Title IX Coordinator (or designee) is not immediately available to speak to, OR it is outside the business hours, go to the Incident Report Form

Unless you report directly in accord with the above, you will not have fulfilled your legal obligations. Anonymous reports or reports to other individuals or offices (including your supervisor) may not be substituted. You cannot keep incidents of sexual violence confidential even if the person(s) requests that you do so or tells you they will be contacting appropriate authorities and/or privileged confidential support service providers.

When Should I Report?


How Can I get Further Information?

To learn more about UNH policies and procedures for reporting sexual violence complaints against UNH Students, see the UNH Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities. For more information on reporting sexual violence complaints against UNH Faculty/Staff/Employees The UNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy. For more information about sexual violence reporting, and what happens after a report is made contact the UNH Title IX Coordinator at or at (603) 862-2930/ TTY Users 7-1-1