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UNH Safe Zones offers a wide variety of programs and trainings to help strengthen our understanding of how to be better allies and create a safe, inclusive and welcoming campus. Bring your questions!

Programs for Students

This informal activity-based program offers you an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ issues and people and explore questions such as: What can I do to respond to homophobic comments? How can I support a friend who is coming out? What's so bad about saying "That's so gay"? Join us for an interactive conversation!

Schedule a student program

Most Safe Zones programs for students are facilitated by students. We can bring a Safe Zones program or training to your student organization, residence hall, classroom, department student staff training, off-campus organization, etc. We offer a wide variety of LGBTQ and Ally program topics and interactive formats, and can "tailor" programs based on the interests of students.

If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to call the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs at (603) 862-5053 or (603) 862-5204.

Programs for Faculty & Staff

The UNH Safe Zones Trainings are professional development opportunities for UNH faculty, staff and graduate students to advance awareness, knowledge and skills around the services and support that we provide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students and colleagues. Participants of Safe Zones trainings are a campus-wide network of allies who are supportive of LGBTQ faculty, students and staff and are committed to contributing to a campus climate of inclusion at UNH.

Typical trainings are 1.5 hours. We may accommodate a 1-hour training and some trainings are 2 hours. Most trainings are offered to one department at a time, but we offer a few trainings that are open to mixed groups of faculty and staff from various departments.

Training topics

Each Training is "tailored" based on the specific issues that participants may encounter in their particular professional work/setting. Some general topics that are explored are:

  • Increasing awareness of the issues and experiences of LGBTQ individuals,
  • Using inclusive language,
  • Accessing and referring LGBTQ individuals to important campus resources,
  • Discovering specific ways to provide support and be an ally in the work that you do with students,
  • Exploring specific issues related to providing services to LGBTQ students and assessing ways to be inclusive of and welcoming to LGBTQ individuals in the general services that you provide,
  • Developing skills to take active steps toward reducing and preventing harassment, discrimination, and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression,
  • As an office/department, how can you best "communicate" that you [your department] is supportive [an ally] to LGBTQ students?

Schedule or attend a faculty/staff training

If you have questions or are interested in attending an upcoming training, please call the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs at (603) 862-5053 or (603) 862-5204.

To schedule a training for your department or office, please complete our online Safe Zones Request Form:

Safe Zones Stickers

At the end of a training, participants are invited to pick up a UNH Safe Zones sticker. We acknowledge that the decision to post a Safe Zones sticker is a personal one, and therefore deciding to pick up a Safe Zones sticker is optional.

Read about the significance of the UNH Safe Zones sticker