Greek Organization Program Request Form

Your Fraternity or Sorority Chapter could be a leader in creating a welcoming environment where all forms of diversity are respected, and where your brothers/sisters who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning feel included and supported.

Bring a UNH Safe Zones program to your chapter! Our programs are informal and discussion-based where you can ask any questions you have and share your thoughts freely and openly. Our interactive activities are interesting and entertaining, and will strengthen your understanding of the LGBTQIA+ issues that students at UNH face. The program that we bring to your chapter will be specifically "tailored" to focus on LGBTQIA+& Ally issues particular to your sorority and fraternity.

NOTE: This form should only be filled out by a leader of a sorority or fraternity for the purpose of scheduling a Safe Zones program. We prefer that requests are made at least 2-3 weeks prior to the program date requested. If we are able, we may be able to consider requests with less advance notice.

*Please note that we do not schedule Hall Programs on Tuesdays between 7-9pm or Fridays from 5-6pm out of support and respect for affinity based space for the student orginzations Alliance and Trans UNH.

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