Advocacy and Action Awards

The Office of Community, Equity, and Diversity (OCED) recognizes the historical significance of these awards as avenues toward building awareness of the good work being done to bring inclusion and equity for all and to reinforce how “difference” in any setting brings value and, furthermore, recognition of this fact helps each member of our university community thrive.

Award Nominations

Nominations for 2023 will begin soon - check back for details
Student Awards will be presented during the Student Awards Ceremony in May
Faculty - Staff Awards will be presented during the October Diversity Hall of Fame Dinner. 
All faculty, staff, and graduate students are eligible to be nominated for their work in advancing equity and promoting individual and collective empowerment and inclusion.

Award Criteria

  • The nominee promotes diversity, equity and inclusion on campus through fostering respectful attitudes, behaviors and standards.
  • The nominee has worked to create opportunities to raise awareness of biases.
  • The nominee has provided opportunities in our community for increased engagement, sense of belonging and togetherness for people of all backgrounds and identities