Housing Removal Resources

The information on this page was developed to assist students in making the transition to living off-campus after being removed from university housing. While we set high standards and hold students accountable when they violate more serious violations, we still want every student to be as successful as possible when the conduct process ends. We hope this guide will assist you in finding off-campus housing while minimizing the impact housing removal may have on your overall college experience. If you have questions after reading this information, please contact Community Standards at (603) 862-3377.

Tips for Finding Off-Campus Housing
  • If you are in the process of appealing your conduct decision, you should still start looking for off-campus housing. If your appeal is denied, your housing move out date will likely be within a week of the appeal decision. Having already started the off-campus housing search process may help make the transition a bit easier for you.
  • If you do not have a car or parking permit, look for off-campus housing that is close to campus or along a bus route.
  • Besides utilizing the resources in this guide, contact friends who live off-campus. They may have openings in their apartments or know other people who are looking for a roommate.
  • Have a good idea of the type of living situation you would like to be in (or would settle for). Think about the types of things you would be unable to live with.
  • When contacting landlords, speak clearly and professionally. Landlords typically prefer responsible and mature tenants.
  • When looking at an apartment with the landlord, dress nicely and come with appropriate questions. Consider bringing parents or a friend who has rented an apartment before.
  • Write down questions to ask before going to look at an apartment. It’s easy to forget something when you’re there looking at potential living space.

On-Campus Resources
  • Transportation Services - Information on parking, parking permits, the campus connector and shuttles to Dover, Newmarket, & Transportation Services Building (Mast Road near A lot)
    (603) 862-1010 (parking)  
    (603) 862-2328 (transit & connector)
  • Department of Housing - Housing-related questions include billing and possible refunds
    10 Academic Way
    (603) 862-2120
  • Dining Services/ID Office - Questions regarding your meal plan, cat’s cache, & your ID
    Holloway Commons Ground Floor
    (603) 862-2273
  • Business Services Office - Questions regarding billing and refunds not related to housing.
    Stoke Hall Basement
    (603) 862-2230
  • Student Senate Legal Services Office - Resource for enrolled UNH students on legal issues, especially when preparing to sign a lease for an off-campus apartment.
    Memorial Union Building (MUB) 115
    (603) 312-2465

Off-Campus Resources
  • Holiday Inn Express
    2 Main Street, Durham; (603) 868-1234
    The hotel has developed a program to assist students in making the transition from on-campus to off-campus housing. Students and parents must sign an agreement with the hotel.
  • COAST (Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation)
    Bus line serving the seacoast region of New Hampshire (Rockingham and Strafford Counties) and Berwick, Maine with affordable & safe transportation.
  • The Amtrak Downeaster
    Durham Station: 3 Depot Road (UNH Dairy Bar)
    Dover Station: 33 Chestnut St
    The Downeaster operates round-trips daily between the city of Portland, Maine & North Station in Boston.
  • Town of  Durham
    Town Hall Office
    15 Newmarket Road, Durham
    General information about the town of Durham
  • City of Dover
    City Hall Office
    288 Central Ave, Dover
    General information about the city of Dover
  • Town of Newmarket
    Town Hall Office
    186 Main St, Newmarket
    General information about the town of Newmarket
  • City of Portsmouth
    City Hall Office
    1 Junkins Ave, Portsmouth
    General information about the city of Portsmouth

Other Resources to Help You Find Off-Campus Housing

Community Standards and the University of New Hampshire do not endorse or have a partnership with any of the resources listed below. We encourage all students to take safety and precautionary measures when exploring off-campus housing options.

Other General Information
  • While your housing removal may be for a set period of time (e.g. a year), when that time is up you are not guaranteed on-campus housing. Due to the high demand for campus housing, you may only ask to be placed on a waiting list when your removal period ends.
  • You may ask to be placed on the  on-campus housing waiting list before your housing removal period has ended. However, if offered housing, your removal period must be completed before moving back into the halls (e.g. if removal is through May, you may ask to be placed on the waiting list for the fall when it opens in the spring).
  • If other sanctions were imposed in addition to housing removal, make sure you complete them by the given due dates. Failure to do so could lead to additional sanctions being imposed.
  • Your housing status has no impact on your need to complete other conduct sanctions. If you are enrolled at the university then you are still responsible for completing any and all sanctions.
  • If you are on probation, remember that future conduct violations could lead to additional and more serious sanctions including suspension from the university.