Meet Our Staff

Health Services Leadership Team

Photo of UNH Health Services Leadership Team


Health Services Leadership Team (left to right):
Kevin Charles, Gladi Porsche, Janet Harris, Dennis Dupuis, Cindy McGahey and Kathleen Grace-Bishop

Meet the Leadership Team

Clinical Services Staff


Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants


Photo of Nursing Staff at Health Services

Health Services Nurses (left to right): 
Sandy Duvall, Kristine Kahr, Jacque Damon, Pat Lang, Sue Chalmers, Fran Nichols, Amy LeClair, Kathy Spiers, and Sue Reiss. Not pictured are Carol Merkle, Kelly Perkins and Rebecca White. 

Nursing Supervisors 

  • Sandy Duvall, RN, Clinic Manager
  • Jacque Damon, RN, Supervisor of Triage
  • Sue Chalmers, RN, BSN, Supervisor of Team 1
  • Patricia Lang, RN, Supervisor of Team 3

Registered Nurses

  • Kristine Kahr, RN, BSN
  • Kelly Perkins, RN
  • Susan Reiss, RN, BSN
  • Bridget Curtis, RN-C
  • Janet Lawson, RN
  • Chrisanne Spadoro, RN 

Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Amy LeClair, LPN
  • Carol Merkle, LPN
  • Fran Nichols, LPN
  • Rebecca White, LPN

Medical Assistants

  • Kathy Spiers, MA

Clinical Services: Ancillary

Photo of UNH Health Services Ancillary Staff

Ancillary Staff (left to right): 
Kim Riley, Judith Willson, Betsy Chadwick, Laura O'Connell, Michele Brady, Linda Hayden and Jane Atkins. 


  • Linda Hayden, MT, Supervisor of Laboratory Services
  • Betsy Chadwick, MT, Medical Technologist
  • Heather Gilbert, MT, Medical Technologist
  • Shannon Knowles, Phlebotomist 


  • Jane Atkins, RPH, Supervisor of Pharmacy Services
  • Laura O'Connell, RPH, Pharmacist
  • Kim Riley, Pharmacy Technician
  • Andrew Taylor, RPH, Pharmacist


  • Michele Brady, RTR (CT) (QM), Supervisor of Radiology Services
  • Michelle Crispo, RTR, Radiologic Technologist 
  • Nancy Dellacroce, RTR, Radiologic Technologist
  • Bonnie Mack, RTR, Radiologic Technologist
  • Pamela Trefethen, RTR, Radiologic Technologist

Health Education and Promotion

Health Education and Promotion Staff, UNH Health Services

Massage Therapists

  • Lisa Angione, LMT
  • Janice Callaghan, LMT
  • Michelle Davis, LMT
  • Emily Lahut, LMT
  • Dawn Lapinski, LMT
  • Corinne Douglas, LMT
  • Margaret Wade, LMT


Photo of UNH Health Services Administration Staff

Administration Staff (left to right): 
Back Row: Dawn Zitney, Darcie Russell, Susan McAtavey, Diane Messier, Maureen Nogueira, Arlene Bisson, Kevin McKaig.
Front Row: Danielle Peterson, Kristen Crowley, Paula McCarthy, Lois Ratto and Karen Brown.  

Finance and Administration

Health Records and Registration

  • Lois Ratto, Manager of Health Records and Registration
  • Jeannine Chadwick, Administrative Assistant
  • Donna Gadway, Administrative Assistant
  • Diane Messier, Office Supervisor
  • Susan McAtavey, Administrative Assistant
  • Paula McCarthy, Administrative Assistant

Communications and Information

Information Technology

  • Kevin McKaig, Manager of Medical Support and IT Services
  • Darcie Russell, Senior Information Technology Support Assistant

Student Staff

  • Kevin Markt
  • Julia Montalto
  • Stasia Swiadas


  • Debbie Ellison
  • Diane Dupes