International Experience Opportunities

International Experience Types

Work Programs

Purpose:  Get paid while immersing yourself culturally/linguistically (typically not a careers placement).
Credit:  No academic credit.
Finances:  Get paid. No financial aid available.
Other:  Some programs offer assistance with work visas. Some programs place you in specific jobs.

Internship Programs

Purpose:  Gain work experience related to your major or future career. Common fields are communications, business, international relations, social welfare, social policy, marketing, journalism, engineering, computer science, theater, health and more...
Credit:  Some are part of a formal study abroad programs. Some students organize UNH independent study or practicum credit. There can be no academic credit for internships without a study component.
Finances:  Those that are for-credit will require program or tuition fees. In these cases, financial aid is available. Financial aid is not available for non-credit internships. These are often unpaid, but may offer compensation (e.g. room, board, reimburse expenses). 

Volunteer Programs

Purpose: Provide assistance in areas such as community development, social services, child care, elder care, public health, nature conservation, sustainable development, teaching English, women's empowerment, peace building, etc.
Credit:  No academic credit, although student may organize an independent study.
Finances:  Usually unpaid but some may offer compensation (e.g. room & board). Scholarships may be available.

Teaching English Programs

Purpose:  Gain experience teaching English as a second language.
Credit:  No academic credit.
Finances:  Depends on program. No financial aid available.
Other:  Many programs require a B.A. Some do not require any teacher training/certification or language proficiency other than in English. Many positions are available in Asia and Eastern Europe. Some volunteer programs offer English teaching opportunities.

Information from University of California at Irvine, Study Abroad Center.