Projects at UNH

Current FPM Projects

Kingsbury Hall

The Current FPM Projects list features (sorted by building) Project Manager name, status of project, project ID, project title, design firm and more.

Institutional R&R

The Deferred Maintenance Database (DMD) is a fluid listing of project submittals which will change from month to month as campus wide repairs are identified and prioritized within each General System category.  All updates will be posted on the first Monday of the month.  Please check back monthly to download the latest information.

SARRC Approved and prioritized Deferred Maintenance Projects:

FPM Construction Map

Screenshot of Campus Construction Map web page

The Campus Construction Map details indoor and outdoor projects currently under construction on campus.  The map is updated hourly.

RSA Section 21-I:81-b Compliance

Facilities Project Management (FPM) Managed Projects:

Brenda Whitmore, Director

UNH ID Project Name Contractor Subcontractor List
2016-0186 121 Technology Drive Careno Contruction Company LLC Master List
13916-0002 Spaulding Hall - Replacement Cooling System Careno Construction Company, LLC Master List
13701-0003 PCAC Improvements Charters Brothers Construction, LLC Master List
2014-2074 Barton Hall B119 Renovations John W. Danforth Master List
13457-0002 Expansion of the Chase Ocean Engineering Building Milestone Engineering & Construction, Inc. Master List
2015-2204 PCAC New Elevator Charter Brothers Construction, LLC Master List
1176/2059 Hamel Recreation Addition and Outdoor Pool Shawmut Design and Construction Master List
2785 Hamilton Smith Expansion and Renovation Skanska USA Building Inc. Master List

Housing Managed Projects

Bill Meehan, Senior Manager of Residence Facilities