Getting Started

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Career Counseling

  • Help with personal reflection and identifying areas of interest
  • Support for students in their majors and career options exploration
  • Resources on how to build experience through clubs/orgs, volunteer work, shadowing, and internships
  • Online resources and information regarding careers, majors, and job/internship searching
  • Assistance to students on identifying their skills and strengths and teach students how to express them on a resume/cover letter and during an interview
  • Help developing networking skills and work with the student to build both in-person and online networks
  • Tools to help secure non-academic internships and full-time, part-time, and work study jobs
  • Advice on the first steps down the graduate degree path

Our goal is to make sure your one-on-one appointments with Career Counselors are helpful and productive.  Below is a list of the different appointments we offer, and some easy steps you can take to feel confident and prepared for your career appointment.


  • Be on time
  • Ask questions
  • Take notes


  • Review the Career Center Website to learn about resources available to you
  • Generate questions to ask during your appointment


  • Take the Jackson Career Explorer


  • View Potential Careers to help build a foundation for what typically can be done


  • Make a list: What have you tried on your own? The appointment will be about strategies you haven’t tried
  • Bring a copy of your resume to the appointment


  • Attend the internship informational workshop 
  • Prepare specific questions
  • Bring a copy of your resume to the appointment


  • Go to walk-in hours: the peers will  help you create your LinkedIn


  • Go to Career Express  Walk-in Hours to seek help building and critiquing your resume/cover letter 
  • Bring your updated resume/cover letter to your appointment


  • Read the interview tips: be prepared to talk about how you will apply those tips to your interview style
  • Bring your resume: your resume guides the topics you will reflect on during your interview
  • Brain storm and bring a list of your best attributes


  • First practice using Interview Stream so you can reflect on it during the appointment
  • Once you schedule an appointment, email the career advisor you are meeting with a copy of your resume, cover letter, and job description
  • Come dressed in business professional clothing for the appointment


  • Review the resources on the Graduate School Advising webpage 

Be Successful At UNH By Following The Wildcat Way

  •  Make quality connections with faculty and staff to help build your UNH network
  •  Solidify your academic path – visit your academic advisor and career counselor
  •  Diversify your experiences, try new things!
  •  Think about Study Abroad – Consider an internship or research abroad
  •  Conduct research on campus
  •  Consider National Student Exchange, the Washington Center, Semester in the City, and many more
  •  Plan significant summer experiences such as work, internships, community service, or travel
  •  Attain transferable and marketable skills
  •  Search for leadership opportunities
  •  Revise and update your resume
  •  Create an awesome LinkedIn account
  •  Work on your interview skills and your elevator pitch
  •  Attend the Big 3: Resume Review Day, The Career & Internship Fair, and Interview Day, all 4 years, to connect with companies in your field
  •  First time at the career Fair? Attend the FIRST TIMERS TOUR so you feel confident when interacting with the company representatives
  • Practice interviewing for your specific industry/field by using Interview Stream
  • Develop a competitive resume and cover letter for your field
  • Intern in the field you wish to pursue
  • Investigate careers and pathways to your goals with a career advisor
  • Build professional contacts to expand your network 
  • Check out Catapult Seacoast to start building an amazing local network 
  • Identify potential alumni mentors and establish a relationship – try our Pathways Program
  • Join student and professional organizations in your field
  • Invest in professional clothes to wear to an interview or visit the Career Closet: if it fits, it’s yours


  • Utilize your network to find additional “hidden” jobs
  • Going to graduate school? Use Peterson’s Graduate School Planning Timetable to stay on track
  • Secure 3-5 references through faculty, staff, and employers
  • Visit with Career and Professional Success staff to prepare for goal attainment
  • Connect with professionals at the Career and Internship Fairs, and Gap Year Program info sessions 
  • Continue to build your network and improve your LinkedIn profile by adding the UNH Alumni group
  • Identify your personal brand and add consistency to how you market your abilities
  • Tailor your career documents and skills using real job descriptions
  • Complete a mock interview with a career advisor