Student Forms & Waivers

Forms & Waivers

The following forms may be downloaded as needed, depending on the student's individual needs. Please complete and return within the timeframe as instructed on the form. These are not required of all students.

Note that the Epi-pen/Inhaler permission requires a health care professional signature, per NH State law.

For students completing the registration questions through CampDoc:

  • The Epi-pen/Asthma Inhaler Permission Form can be downloaded from the student account (or below) and then uploaded back into the account after completion with healthcare provider signature. The form must be uploaded one month prior to the camp start date. This is the preferred method of Epi-Pen/Asthma Inhaler Permission Form receipt by UNH. The form only needs to be uploaded one time, even if the student is attending multiple youth programs.

Epi-pen/Asthma Inhaler Permission

Support Needs Request Form

Authorization to Administer Medication

Various waiver review and parent/guardian permission are required as part of the registration for most youth programs:

  • UNH Assumption of Risk
  • Permission to Treat
  • Photo/Creative Works consent
  • UNH Code of Conduct for minors attending youth programs
  • Additional program-specific waivers, as indicated in the CampDoc account

Health Physicals: Unless specifically requested by an individual camp, our youth programs do NOT require a student health physical prior to attendance.

For Athletic Camps: A physical is NOT required, but due to the rigorous daily schedule, every camper should arrive at camp prepared to fully participate. Every effort is made to protect the camper's health and safety, and a certified athletic trainer is available.