To Get a Receipt/UNH Tax ID

To Get A Receipt for Youth Programs/Camps from a Family Account:*

  • Log Into the Family Account from the LogIn tab above
  • Click on “Account History” from the left menu/dropdown
  • Find the receipt needed
  • Click on the Transaction Number
  • Click on “Print Receipt.” It will open in a new window.
  • Go back to “Account History” to view/print as many receipts as needed. Each program/camp transaction is on a separate receipt. If you paid a deposit and then a full payment, there will be two separate receipts.

The UNH Tax ID# is on the bottom of the enrollment receipts: 02-6000937

*Note: receipts for 2019 or earlier enrollments will not show in a newly created family account. To get receipts for any year before 2020, log into the individual student account and follow the instructions above. Click on "My Account History" from the drop down. Cick here to Log In into an individual student account.