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  • Marion James '40
    - In Memoriam: Marion James ’40
    Professor Marion James’s teaching specialty was the history of ancient Greece and Rome, but her scholarly interests spanned the centuries to modern times. After earning both an MA... Read More
  • Ralph B. “Tim” Craig, Jr. ’54
    - In Memoriam: Ralph B. “Tim” Craig, Jr. ’54
    Tim Craig’s degree in mechanical engineering served him well when he joined the Army after graduation and invented an innovative way to repair broken tank tracks in the field.... Read More
  • Jonathan Fox Kellogg ’70
    - In Memoriam: Jonathan Fox Kellogg ’70
    In the 25 years they spent together, Jon Kellogg and Tammalene Mitman ’77 lived in three New England states, each relocation starting in an apartment while Kellogg sought the... Read More
  • Foley Foundation 5K runners in Hong Kong
    - Running for Jim
    When Martha Foley Jackson ‘76 told Craig Heisner ’88 she had a special project she needed his help on, he didn’t hesitate for a second. Heisner and Foley Jackson had known each... Read More
  • Katherine "Kay" Frizzell Blaisdell '49 and Edward Blaisdell '50
    - In Memoriam—Katherine "Kay" Frizzell Blaisdell '49
    In an era when most women were homemakers, Katherine “Kay” Blaisdell was a Renaissance woman with a PhD in veterinary parasitology. She wrote books, went hang gliding, hiked in... Read More
  • Sean Billings McNamara '00
    - In Memoriam—Sean Billings McNamara ’00
    Twelve years older than his sister, Sean McNamara taught her a life lesson she has never forgotten. “I was a little girl and playing with a Magic 8 Ball,” says Nora Julia Vargas... Read More
  • UNH research professor Changsheng Li
    - Changsheng Li (1941 – 2015)
    UNH research professor Changsheng Li of the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) passed away on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Massachusetts General Hospital in... Read More
  • William P. Pizzano '49
    - In Memoriam—William P. Pizzano '49
    His license plate number was UNH 1. “I’ve never met anyone more proud to be a UNH graduate than Bill Pizzano,” says Amy Sheehan, athletic department administrative assistant, who... Read More
  • Lionel J. "Junie" Carbonneau, Jr. '51
    - In Memoriam—Lionel J. "Junie" Carbonneau, Jr. '51
    One of his former students at Tilton School dedicated a book to Lionel “Junie” Carbonneau ’51, calling him “a maker of men.” In the classroom and on the playing field, Carbonneau... Read More
  • Judy Cocci Vachon Rogers ’64
    - In Memoriam—Judy Cocci Vachon Rogers ’64
      Her parents named her for Judy Garland, their favorite movie star, but to everyone else she was always “Bubsy.” Italian on her father’s side, Judy Rogers fondly recalled... Read More