UNH Magazine Spring 2014

Featuring multimedia executive Susan Mercandetti ’75 and current and historical efforts to save New Hampshire’s Great Bay
  • Red Sox director of special projects Fred Olsen '97

    Covering all the Bases

    When the Boston Red Sox front office lined up at Fenway Park to receive their championship rings on May 19, Fred Olsen '97 was there to claim his—... Read More
  • Honeywell CEO David Cote '76

    Working on the Right Thing

    Since becoming CEO of Honeywell in 2002, David Cote '76 has amassed a list of honors nearly as long as his company's list of products (everything... Read More
  • Dan Ford '54

    The Write Stuff

    Writers deal with criticism in different ways, but Dan Ford '54 is likely one of the few to have responded by becoming a pilot. When his 1991 book,... Read More
  • Joan Stolar Smith '73

    New School

    Joan Stolar Smith '73 never planned to make her mark in education. An accomplished harpsichordist who majored in music at UNH, Smith thought her... Read More
  • Debbie Wiener '80

    Queen of Clean

    Debbie Wiener '80 describes her home-decorating style as part Martha Stewart, part World Wrestling Entertainment. It's a mix that has propelled her... Read More
  • Eric Wochholz '01, '07

    Growing History

    On a late winter day, Erik Wochholz '01,'07 strolls through a Victorian glasshouse at the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth. He squashes a... Read More
  • David Richard Crockett '42

    In Memoriam—David Richard Crockett '42

    On October 2, 1942, Lt. David Crockett was en route to Great Britain aboard the converted ocean liner HMS Queen Mary. Life with his new bride,... Read More
  • Gordon "Swifty" Swift '45

    In Memoriam—Gordon "Swifty" Swift '45

    At the Thompson School of Applied Science, Gordon "Swifty" Swift milked the campus cows and herded sheep down Main Street with Rex, a border collie.... Read More
  • Judith Gove Browning '60

    In Memoriam—Judith Gove Browning '60

    Peace Corps volunteer. Teacher. Sports enthusiast, musician, and woodworker. Judith Gove Browning wore many different hats throughout the course of... Read More
  • Donald Bouchard '63

    In Memoriam—Donald Bouchard '63

    Asked where he found the courage to battle a stage 4 cancer diagnosis for several years, Donald Bouchard quoted Nietzsche: "Love your fate." That he... Read More
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