UNH Magazine Spring 2014

Featuring multimedia executive Susan Mercandetti ’75 and current and historical efforts to save New Hampshire’s Great Bay
  • students at research project site, collecting nitrogen through urine

    Reduce, Reuse, Peecycle

    Visitors to downtown Durham this spring might have noticed students sporting an unusual accessory: a sticker with a yellow droplet on it proclaiming... Read More
  • Taylor Chace '11
  • lost wallet

    Blast from the Past

    Louise Broom-Peltz '83 didn't remember losing her wallet as a UNH undergrad some 30 years ago—and she certainly wasn't expecting the phone call that... Read More
  • football player

    A Home for Excellence

    The squeak of basketball shoes, the heavy clank of weights, the—sound of silence as students dig in on term papers and study for tests? Starting this... Read More
  • UNH associate professor Tom Safford
  • UNH women's gymnastics

    Sports Shorts

    SOARING: The women's gymnastics team didn't have far to take its trophy when the squad earned its second-ever East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL... Read More
  • horseshoe crabs


    Spring is the season of horseshoe crab love, when thousands of females come up on beaches at high tide to spawn, and the smaller males hitch a ride... Read More
  • pine tree closeup

    Forest Sentinels

    Imagine a class full of students arrayed around a white pine tree in a 30-meter square, staring up through toilet paper tubes at the foliage. Now... Read More
  • students and researchers measuring rooftop snow

    Weight Watchers

    Winter 2014's snowstorms and attendant roof collapse warnings may be a distant memory now, but a team of students and professors at UNH-Manchester... Read More
  • If Only You People Could Follow Directions, by Jessica Hendry Nelson '06

    Spring/Summer 2014 Book Reviews

    If Only You People Could Follow Directions Her brother's keeper At a grandfather's funeral, Jessica Hendry Nelson '06 finds her brother dressed in a... Read More
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