UNH Magazine Fall 2014

Featuring Medal of Honor recipient Ryan Pitts ’13, a Cooperative Extension centennia, and UNH’s leading role in addressing campus assault
  • Cowell Stadium

    Football's Future

      Arnold Garron ’84 still laughs when he remembers the faux pas he made as a Wildcat football recruit some 35 years ago: “I went to check out Cowell... Read More
  • Elinor Purrier '17
  • Jamie Burke playing Rugby

    Using Her Head

    Jamie Burke '14G has spent the last seven years at UNH working toward her Ph.D. in education. She’s hit a few bumps along the way, like when her... Read More
  • Erik Swartz


    When it comes to head and helmet safety, one of the NFL’s most valuable players isn’t a quarterback, a receiver, or even a coach. In fact, Erik... Read More
  • Republicans and Democrats

    In Science We Trust?

    Gun control. Abortion. The death penalty. You wouldn’t be alone in assuming that these are the hot-button issues that create the widest philosophical... Read More
  • Mariana Trench

    Research professor, paleoceanographer...Hollywood collaborator?

    James Gardner of the UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping and the Joint Hydrographic Center added an unusual credential to his CV this summer... Read More
  • Richard Whitney ‘68

    Strokes of Genius

        As an art student at UNH, Richard Whitney ’68 would pay his Phi Kappa Alta brothers five dollars to sit for their portrait, and then he’d give... Read More
  • Mary Currie ’76

    A View From the Bridge

    Mary Currie ’76 retired earlier this year, but she went out on top. For 22 years, Currie served as chief spokesperson for a single, celebrity client... Read More
  • Mary Jordan ’88

    Back in the Saddle

        Mary Jordan ’88 was 4 years old the first time her family made the drive to New York City. Her mother drove, and a doctor met them curbside to... Read More
  • Josh Chamberlain ’99

    School of Rock (Steady): Jamaica Jives with This Music Alumnus

    Josh Chamberlain ’99 fell in love with music as an undergrad, spinning tunes as a DJ for WUNH. A history major, Chamberlain was interested in the... Read More
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