UNH Magazine Fall 2014

Featuring Medal of Honor recipient Ryan Pitts ’13, a Cooperative Extension centennia, and UNH’s leading role in addressing campus assault
  • Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts ’13

    Team Spirit

    As he strode toward the White House stage on a late July afternoon, Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts ’13 looked every inch the soldier: eyes front,... Read More
  • tractor

    Bringing the U. to You

     One hundred years ago, Babe Ruth took the mound for the Boston Red Sox, an American steamship became the first vessel to pass through the Panama... Read More
  • UNH alumna Phyllis Wentworth '02G

    What Teaching Teaches

    The Perennial Chance to Get It Right By Phyllis Wentworth '02G Read More
  • change, rape, fear - graphic


    Chris Urbanski ’18 had gotten the message about sexual assault awareness at UNH long before he arrived on campus. At first-year orientation in June,... Read More
  • student in marching band; UNH spelled out by marching band on football field.

    Marching On

    It’s a cold November Saturday morning and out on the Cowell Stadium field, the Wildcat Marching Band has its hands full. Today, the band’s ranks have... Read More
  • President Mark W. Huddleston

    The View from T-Hall: An Extraordinary Legacy

    When Dana Hamel and I met for lunch in Durham on a beautiful day this fall and looked over the profiles of 15 brilliant UNH students, we joked... Read More
  • Pandora Building at UNH Manchester

    Manchester on the Move

    With its soaring spaces and iconic clock tower, the historic Pandora building at 88 Commercial Street in Manchester is a testament to the city’s past... Read More
  • UNH Career Closet

    Pass on Your Power Suits

    Step into your closet. See anything you haven’t worn in the past year? There’s someone who needs your extra ties and too-tight dress shoes more than... Read More
  • J. Morgan Rutman '84

    Helping Home

    From his earliest days, history and UNH were an integral part of life for J. Morgan Rutman ’84. His father, long-time faculty member and early... Read More
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin

    Goodwin's Guys

    After a lifetime spent writing about American presidents, world-renowned presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin is a little anxious about what... Read More
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