Timm Triplett

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Triplett joined UNH in 1980. His areas of expertise include ethics; teaching philosophy to students in elementary, middle and high schools; and ethics and civic engagement.

He is currently working on a book titled Ethics for Everyone. He argues that, contrary to common perceptions, ethics is a universal and objective system that applies to all people and all cultures. This universality offers an optimistic take on ways we can better understand and address the social disagreements and partisan battles that seem to stymie social progress. While these conflicts are real, he says, it is surprising how little, on analysis, they have to do with ethics. This suggests that the disagreements we do have do not go as deep as they appear. We can find our common humanity in the common morality we all share.

Dr. Triplett can also speak to the media on the topics of avoiding biased thinking and  color perception.

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Timm Triplett
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