Lawrence J. Prelli

Professor of Communication

Lawrence J. Prelli is professor of communication and former chair in the UNH Department of Communication. He joined UNH in 1984 and teaches courses in rhetorical theory and criticism including Propaganda and Persuasion, Rhetoric and Public Problems, Environmental Communication and Advocacy, and Rhetorics of Display.  He earned a Ph.D in communication from Pennsylvania State University, a master of science in natural resources (with an emphasis on environmental conservation) from UNH, a master of arts  in rhetoric and communication from SUNY Albany, and a bachelor's degree in political science from Brockport State College, SUNY. 

Professor Prelli’s scholarship focuses on analysis and criticism of public discourses, with special emphases on the use of science and expertise in public persuasion, on environmental and ecological rhetoric, and on the symbolism of political actions. He is working on a project about rhetorical creativity and the emergence of the science of ecology.

He is author of two books, A Rhetoric of Science: Inventing Scientific Discourse and editor of Rhetorics of Display, and has published journal articles and/or book chapters on science communication, political demonstrations, and analysis and criticism of public discourse.

Dr. Prelli’s experience as a teacher and scholar positions him to comment meaningfully on political and ceremonial rhetoric, propaganda, and public rhetoric about science.

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Lawrence J. Prelli
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