Glenda Kaufman Kantor

Research Associate Professor at the Family Research Laboratory, Crimes against Children Research Center, and the Department of Sociology

Glenda Kaufman Kantor's major research interests are related to the links between substance abuse and family violence, cultural influences on alcohol and wife abuse, child maltreatment, particularly, child neglect, and the prevention of intra-family violence. Past research projects include an analysis of family members' alcohol use, marital conflict and violence, and a national bilingual study of alcohol and family violence. She is currently directing multiple studies on family violence related issues such as a NH evaluation of the Greenbook Project (a project on system response to the co-occurrence of wife abuse and child maltreatment); a research partnership to improve NH state data on abused and neglected children (NH PARCS); a study on the health of NH's foster care children; and an evaluation of NH’s emerging statewide advocacy centers. She is also the principal investigator of an NICHD/OJJDP-funded study on the causes and assessment of child neglect.

Child abuse
Child neglect
Foster care
Domestic violence
Substance abuse
College of Liberal Arts
Glenda Kaufman Kantor