Christopher F. Bauer

Professor of Chemistry

Christopher Bauer is a professor of chemistry and specialist in chemistry education research and practice. He has studied student attitudes and motivation for learning, helped identify critical misconceptions held by students about chemical ideas, and designed lessons and curricula that implement research-based ideas about teaching. He is a strong proponent of discovery, or inquiry learning, and of students working together through scientific practices to make sense of the world.

Professor Bauer can talk to the media about education research related to chemistry, pedagogy, psychology, and social psychology, and can provide a strong sense of how students of all ages learn in the classroom. He is part of a UNH faculty group that specializes in "Displinary-Based Education Research", a new field which emerged in the sciences about 15 years ago. 

Previously, Professor Bauer helped develop aspects of the New Hampshire science framework and statewide assessment. Bauer’s original focus was on analytical and environmental chemistry. After wondering why students were having difficulty building upon scientific ideas, he then shifted his focus to chemistry education research. 

"Telling students about science is minimally helpful for learning science," he says. "Science education is in the midst of a paradigm shift. It is moving from a focus on what we know to a focus on HOW we know."

Science Education
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