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  • Students working with compost in the bed of a truck

    10 Ways UNH is Helping to Save the Earth

    Sustainability and a planet-friendly ethos have long been core UNH values. The university is home to the country’s first endowed Sustainability Institute, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in...
  • Gulf of Mexico aerial image

    Wetland Restoration Falls Short of Fixing Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

    UNH research indicates that wetland restoration efforts are falling short of expectations to help fix the Gulf of Mexico's dead zone.
  • Woman with brown hair wearing gray suit stands in front of Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth.

    Was Structure a Factor in Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse?

    UNH professor of civil and environmental engineering Erin Bell comments on the construction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.
  • Samantha McCrane swabs a gun grip

    UNH Research Finds Simpler and Cost-Effective Forensics Test to Help Identify Touch DNA

    Television dramas, like CSI and NCIS, make criminal investigations look easy. In real life, DNA testing can be challenging and requires expensive equipment, special facilities and extensive training...
  • A young fisher walks across a snowy opening in the forest.

    Studying Fisher Mortality in the Granite State

    Discover why North American fisher populations decline. UNH researchers study mortality causes with $1.2M grant. Key insights for conservation efforts.
  • Aerial view of forest

    Roads to Removal Charts Path to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Economy

    The University of New Hampshire has contributed to a first-of-its-kind new report looking at carbon dioxide (CO2) removal in the United States. Mark Ducey, professor of natural resources and the...
  • An aerial shot of discolored yellow water moving into the darker blue of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Adding Social Cost to Fossil Fuels Could Benefit Both Climate and Water

    A new study led by UNH researchers focuses on the co-benefits to climate mitigation and water quality by adding social cost to fossil fuels. 
  • Three students walking on campus with Thompson Hall visible in the background

    UNH Climbs the Rankings in U.S. News 2024 List of Best Colleges

    The University of New Hampshire is the No. 7 “Best Value” public university in the country according to the 2024 U.S. News & World Report Best College rankings. UNH moved up two spots from last...
  • Illustration of construction site on the moon

    Researchers Awarded Close to $3 Million to Develop Sustainable In-Space Manufacturing

    With a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation, UNH researchers will explore ways to recycle cosmic debris to create a sustainable in-space manufacturing industry.
  • Woman working on computer at a table

    When the Gig is Up: Gig Workers Hesitant to Trust Their Bosses

    As the so-called ‘gig economy’ continues to grow, so do questions about how this type of non-traditional work compares to full time work arrangements and how these new relationships differ and impact...
  • A hand holds a clear jar half-full of brown water, with the ocean in the background.

    Researchers Identify Unusually Large Bloom of Brown Algae in Gulf of Maine

    UNH researchers and regional partners are working to determine the cause of an unusually large brown algal bloom in the Gulf of Maine and monitor its effects on marine life. 
  • A rendering of proposed renovations to the Whittemore Center

    UNH Receives $4M Gift for Whittemore Center Renovations, Creates Key Auto Group Complex

    The University of New Hampshire is one step closer to transforming and expanding the training and support facilities in UNH’s Whittemore Center as part of the UNH Hockey Renovation Project following...
  • Scientific instruments sit in a green field below a blue sky.

    Climate Change Has Stalled Plants’ Ability to Blunt Effects of Climate Change

    New UNH research published in the journal Science finds that climate change is diminishing plants' ability to absorb carbon.
  • summer shot of Thompson Hall

    UNH Receives $1.5 Million to Study Child Abuse in Youth Organizations

    The Crimes against Children Research Center (CCRC) at the University of New Hampshire has received an award of $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Justice to assess whether a national system...
  • UNH's autonomous surface vehicle BEN (Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator) 

    UNH Researchers Help Discover 1894 Shipwreck in Lake Huron

    Researchers from the University of New Hampshire were part of a world-renowned team that found an intact shipwreck from the 19th century hundreds of feet below the surface of Lake Huron.
  • Water from a faucet

    When It Comes to Well Water in the Summer, All Is Not Well

    More than 44 million people in the United States depend on private drinking water wells that are not federally regulated.
  • Two boys, seen from behind, look at a smart phone together

    Keeping Kids Safe Online

    UNH researchers were major contributors to the new World Health Organization report "What works to prevent online violence against children."
  • A young woman sits against a blank wall with her head on her knees.

    Preventing Youth Exploitation

    With a new $1.8 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control, a team of UNH researchers will evaluate the effectiveness of a child trafficking prevention program.
  • Computer screen with white text for code.

    Bolstering Broadband

    A UNH-based mapping agency will inventory statewide broadband coverage to identify underserved areas. 
  • Thompson Hall

    Brothers and Sisters

    The Crimes Against Children Research Center is establishing a new initiative that will work to change the perception that sibling aggression and abuse is not serious as well as provide guidance on...
  • UNH Paul College Professors Jianhong Chen and Jeff Sohl

    Research Finds Angel Investor Behavior Can Be Influenced by Ego

    Angel investors—wealthy individuals who provide essential funds for start-ups—often invest under conditions of extreme uncertainty. While their funds can be vital to early-stage ventures, researchers...
  • The Cod and the Tern

    The Cod and the Tern

    With new grants, UNH researchers will study how climate change in the Gulf of Maine is affecting species like the Atlantic cod and the common tern.
  • Illustration of overlapping silhouettes with speech bubbles, some of them profane

    Beyond "Stranger Danger"

    Sixteen percent of young adults in the U.S. have experienced sexual abuse online, finds a new study from UNH researchers.
  • Aerial image of Abisko, Sweden, with lakes and green land near mountains.

    Carbon Gatekeepers

    Ruth Varner has received a $3.4 million grant from the Department of Energy to study the effects of climate change on methane emissions in Arctic lakes.
  • Remote Alaskan mountain with snow in foreground

    Baking and Quaking

    With $1.7 million in National Science Foundation funding, UNH researchers will study how climate change in the Arctic could affect earthquake-related disasters.
  • Image of moon above Earth's surface from space.

    Lunar Launch

    A UNH-built instrument will aid NASA's mission to send astronauts safely back to the moon.  
  • Two researchers stand in front of a red robot

    Aging Assistance

    An interdisciplinary team of UNH researchers has received a $2.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop technology that could help seniors age in place.
  • Tiny satellite floats above Earth in between much larger space science equipment.

    Small Wonder

    A new UNH study found that small satellites can be just as effective in performing important space science missions as their larger counterparts. 
  • Car driving through flooded street

    Granite State Warming

    UNH researchers have released the 2021 New Hampshire Climate Assessment.
  • Researcher Harish Vashisth stands with arms crossed in darkened hallway

    Repurposing Drug Compound Could Slow COVID Spread

    Krisztina Varga, associate Professor of Molecular, cellular and Biomedical Sciences. Photo by Jeremy Gasowski.
  • Brown cows grazing beneath trees.

    Out to Pasture

    Keeping trees in livestock pastures can help reduce the impacts of climate change, according to new UNH research.
  • Suburban yard with some cut grass and some left long

    How Low Can You Mow?

    Not a fan of mowing the lawn? Good news: Cutting the grass less may be better for the environment. Trimming the number of times you run the mower around the yard, known as “low mow”, can help reduce...
  • Aerial view of Hamilton Smith Hall

    Parsing Fact from Fiction

    A recent survey by the University of New Hampshire looked at the public acceptance of conspiracy claims compared to statements based on scientific facts. They found only around 10% agreed with...
  • Photo of long traffic lines in the White Mountain National Forest in NH

    COVID-Fueled Recreation

    UNH research led by assistant professor of recreation management and policy Michael Ferguson found a dramatic increase during the pandemic of visitors to the parks and protected areas of New England...

    Outbreak Impact

    A study from the University of New Hampshire looked at the direct and indirect effects of the global pandemic on U.S. seafood workers by tracking cases and outbreaks and found seafood workers were...
  • A person's hands with money

    Mind the $500,000 Gap

    Men in executive leadership receive more than half a million dollars more in severance pay than women, Paul College researchers find.
  • Drone image of hurricane-damaged mangrove forest

    In the Face of a Storm: Bend or Resist?

    Bill McDowell, professor of environmental science.
  • Illustration of sun, blue space plasma waves, and the Earth.

    Solar Windfall

    UNH researchers have been selected to lead a NASA mission with a budget of $250 million to understand how the sun impacts the space environment around the Earth.
  • Snowy forest.

    Hope for Snow?

    UNH research indicates that reducing carbon dioxide emissions now could lessen the impact of climate change on snowpack. 
  • Close-up of southern pine beetle

    Pine Pests

    UNH researchers Jeff Garnas, associate professor of forest ecosystem health, and Ph.D. student Caroline Kanaskie discovered the damaging southern pine beetle in New Hampshire and Maine.
  • Lab technicians working in lab

    One Million And Counting

    The University of New Hampshire's uniquely designed lab has completed more than one million tests to detect and monitor the coronavirus. The cutting-edge lab not only performs specifically designed...
  • Jennifer Griffith

    Style Matters

    Researchers at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Nebraska at Omaha took a closer look at international leadership styles and found global leaders that had a rational, problem-...
  • Two middle school students, a boy and a girl, work together on a computer.

    The Language of STEM

    With $3.5 million from the Department of Education, UNH researchers will enhance STEM understanding among N.H.'s English learners.
  • Researcher stands alone in marsh

    Keeping Great Marsh Great

    With a $3.1 million grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, UNH researchers will work to protect Great Marsh in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.
  • Aerial photo of Oyster River in snow

    Predicting Future Floods

    New UNH research updates snowmelt flooding models for a changing climate, helping protect vulnerable infrastructure and water resources.
  • Side by side headshots of two female professors

    Helping Teens Do No Harm

    With a major new grant from the National Institutes of Health, UNH researchers will study the effects of self-directed violence among teens on bystanders.
  • Cone snail shell on a black background.

    Treating Diabetes with Snail Venom?

    The venom of the cone snail is a possible, if unlikely, source for a treatment for diabetes, UNH researchers have found.
  • Powered by the Sea

    Powered by the Sea

    UNH will lead the new Atlantic Marine  Energy Center, focusing on research to address renewable ocean energy, with a  nearly $10M award from the Department of Energy.
  • UNH Professors Tucker, Finkelhor and Turner

    UNH Research Finds Witnessing Abuse of Sibling Can Lead to Mental Health Issues

    A new study from the University of New Hampshire shows children who witness the abuse of a brother or sister by a parent can be just as traumatized as those witnessing violence by a parent against...
  • Shea tree in the landscape

    Saving the Shea

    An international team of researchers led by UNH has sequenced the shea tree’s genome, providing a valuable resource for the strategic development of the species and contributing to th preservation of...
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