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  • Associate professors of decision sciences Khole Gwebu and Jing Wang help small- and medium-sized businesses navigate the threats of cyber attacks.

    Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

    Paul College's Khole Gwebu and Jing Wang help businesses navigate cybersecurity.
  • Associate professor of accounting Catherine Plante conducts research in governmental accounting.

    Setting Standards

    Catherine Plante explains how accounting standards can help  governments plan for retiree healthcare costs.
  • Paul Harvey, associate professor of management, studies entitlement and abuse in the workplace.

    Conflict Versus Abuse

    Paul Harvey, associate professor of management, studies entitlement and abuse in the workplace.
  • Karen Conway, professor of economics, studies how government policies affect household decisions.

    Tax Breaks for the Elderly

    Karen Conway, professor of economics, studies how government policies affect household decisions.
  • Nelson Barber, chair and associate professor of hospitality management, studies pro-environmental consumer marketing as part of his research.

    Who Will Pay?

    According to estimates in the Nutrition Business Journal last year, the natural food and beverage products industry grew 8.9 percent in 2015, adding $14.7 billion in sales. Though a fraction of the...
  • Associate professor of marketing Billur Akdeniz Talay conducts research in new product development.

    Better Predicting Market Performance

    Billur Akdeniz Talay’s research looks at pre-announcement impacts on new products.
  • montage of 5 student fellows

    Fellows Rising

    Five student fellows look back on their college careers as they move surely into their futures.
  • students working in COLA 401 course

    Intro to Your Future

    When Jennifer Drohan ’20 began her first semester at UNH last fall, she was ready to study anything and everything. The only problem, she says, was choosing one subject to focus on.
  • UNH alumna Jude Blake ’77

    The Path to Success

    Bequest gift will bolster CELEBRATE 150, support scholarships.
  • photo of Joshua Meyrowitz teaching

    In the Final Analysis

    Joshua Meyrowitz teaches students mass media savvy.
  • photo of Betsy Carter

    Visiting Scholar

    Elizabeth Carter, assistant professor of political science, has been named a visiting scholar at Harvard's Center for European Studies.
  • UNH students Kate Aiken and Devin McMahon pose with their prize and research poster for the 2016 Holloway Prize competition entry, LilyPad.

    Cultivating Women Entrepreneurs

    When Devin McMahon '18 was still a high school student in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, she started her own business. Not babysitting or lawn mowing: A full-blown nonprofit global initiative that...
  • Gregory Sancoff, left, poses with Paul Holloway during the 2016 Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition championship round.

    Entrepreneur of the Year

    Gregory Sancoff is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year career under his belt.
  • photo of Harriet Fertik

    Humboldt Fellow

    Harriet Fertik, assistant professor of classics, has won a research fellowship that will take her to Germany.
  • Hannah Hamalainen, UNH Assistant Professor, Dimond Library

    Meet UNH's New Faculty: 2016

    UNH has welcomed a diverse group of scholars and researchers to its faculty. 
  • UNH professor Will Clyde

    Rocks of Ages

    We know the surface of Earth looked vastly different 2.5 billion years ago — but just how different, and just how events that happened millions of years in the past can give us insight into our world...
  • Mike Mignanelli poses for a portrait.

    Passionate About The Classics

    By the beard of Zeus! Studying Greco-Roman mythology is the key to understanding cultural references of the last 2,000 years, says Michael Magnanelli '16 ... even Ron Burgandy's quotes from "...
  • 2016 URC infographic
  • Doug Lanier, UNH professor

    Shakespeare at the Quad

    One fateful day in high school, Doug Lanier’s English teacher played a 1964 recording of Richard Burton performing Hamlet. When she dropped the needle on the record, she profoundly impacted Lanier’s...
  • UNH research professor Changsheng Li

    Changsheng Li (1941 – 2015)

    UNH research professor Changsheng Li of the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) passed away on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Li, 74, had...
  • Ruth Varner and student working in the field

    Ruth Varner Honored by American Geophysical Union for Student Mentoring

    Ruth Varner has been awarded the American Geophysical Union’s 2015 Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring. Varner ‘93G ‘00G is associate professor of biogeochemistry at the UNH...
  • Two researchers in front of a brightly colored screen depicting the seafloor

    More Than Mapping

    Since its founding in 1999, UNH’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM), along with the complementary Joint Hydrographic Center (a NOAA partner), has established itself as the world leader in...
  • J. Morgan Rutman '84

    Helping Home

    From his earliest days, history and UNH were an integral part of life for J. Morgan Rutman ’84. His father, long-time faculty member and early American history  scholar Darrett B. Rutman, played a...
  • Debbie Wiener '80
  • UNH researcher Ken Johnson

    Carsey Institute: N.H. Population Growth Slows to 50-Year Low

    Kenneth Johnson, senior demographer at the Carsey Institute and professor of sociology at UNH
  • UNH faculty

    UNH Faculty Receive $1.3 Million in Prestigious NSF CAREER Grants

    Three University of New Hampshire faculty members will explore energy from the ocean, manufacturing on a tiny scale, and speedier computer planning, thanks to prestigious Faculty Early Career...
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