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  • Winning team poses with competition director, dean, and benefactor

    Safety First

    Holloway Competition winning team aims to make dating safer.
  • photo of Douglas Lanier with Shakespeare Folio

    Money, Cynicism and Friendship

    English professor Douglas Lanier explores "Timon of Athens" in a new edition of Shakespeare’s play.
  • Betsy Carter, Assistant Professor of Political Science

    Raising the Glass

    A Fulbright Scholar studies the impact of politics and cooperation on the value of wine.
  • photo of Anna Wainwright

    Birgitta of Sweden

    An Italian professor wins a prestigious fellowship to study the legacy of a Medieval saint.
  • Professor Wheeler Ruml beside a robot

    Fellow of Invention

    Wheeler Ruml, a professor of computer science at UNH, has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.
  • Rising to the Challenge

    Rising to the Challenge

    Social business competition winners get creative at the annual NH SVIC.
  • photo of Burt Feintuch

    Passings: Burt Feintuch

    Professor of English and folklore Burt Feintuch is mourned by colleagues.
  • photo of Aria Halliday

    Duke Fellow

    A UNH women’s studies faculty member was awarded a Duke University summer fellowship on tenure.
  • photo of Michael Leese

    Wealth in Ancient Greece

    Michael Leese has received a Harvard University Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship.
  • group photo of nine student ambassadors outside academic building

    Ready to Fly

    Graduating COLA seniors look back on lessons learned and forward to bright futures.
  • 3 photos: Andy Coville '82, Natalie Jacobson '65, Katie Bouton '96

    Imagining Your Journey with a Liberal Arts Degree

    Distinguished alumni visit liberal arts classes to talk careers.
  • YouScheduler teammates Kristian Comer and Francesco Mikulis-Borsoi pose with their faculty advisor, Ian Grant.

    Scheduled to Win

    And the winner of the 30th annual Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition is...
  • Associate professor of marketing Shuili Du

    Successful and Sustainable

    Firms that are more sustainable benefit in an expected way. 
  • Assistant professor of marketing Matt O'Hern

    Crowdsourcing for Innovation

    Matthew O’Hern’s career path has been set since he was in sixth grade.
  • Associate professor of marketing Ludwig Bstieler

    Innovative Collaboration

    When it comes to new product development, more heads around the table can mean more innovation, but also more headaches for the partners involved.
  • Associate professor of marketing Billur Akdeniz

    Analyzing Innovation

    Billur Akdeniz's work as an associate professor of marketing keeps her very connected to business practice. 
  • Associate professor of decision sciences Ali Hojjat

    Getting the Right Eyeballs

    Ever noticed those ads that pop up or fill in the banners and borders of the web pages you visit? 
  • Assistant professor of marketing Danielle Brick

    Do Relationships Run on Dunkin’?

    You like Coke and Starbucks. Your partner likes Pepsi and Dunkin’ Donuts. Does it matter? 
  • Associate professor of economics Reagan Baughma

    Sound Public Policy and Good Economics

    Health economist Reagan Baughman has seen firsthand how public policy directly impacts the health care of millions of people.
  • Associate professor of strategic management and entrepreneurship Dev Dutta

    Who Thrives and Why?

    Dev Dutta is fascinated by “high-tech ecosystems.” 
  • Assistant professor of strategic management Jianhong Chen

    Setting the Pace

    When it comes to CEOs, time really is of the essence.
  • Is Cash Still King?

    Is Cash Still King?

    Finance professor Yixin Liu investigates the value of corporate cash holdings.
  • Professor of economics Bruce Elmslie

    The Global Relevance of Adam Smith Today

    Economics professor Bruce Elmslie reflects on the 18th-century economist.
  • photo of Karen Van Gundy, Cesar Rebellon, and Ellen Cohn.

    Risky Business

    New NSF grant examines the role of emotions in adolescent rule breaking.
  • photo of Paul Robertson

    Tracing the Cyclops Myth

    Paul Robertson awarded research scholarship to Hardt Foundation, Geneva.
  • photo of Josh Lauer


    Josh Lauer demystifies the history of the credit bureaus in America.
  • photo of children and Bethany Silva in center

    The Community Literacy Center

    A new resource for students and educators.
  • Doctoral student fellows engage in a session at the PDMA global product development consortium

    Internationally Renowned

    Paul College hosted the 2017 Product Development and Management Association UNH Innovation Doctoral Consortium.
  • Victoria Parker is the new Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Faculty Administration

    Welcome, Associate Dean Parker

    Vicky Parker named associate dean of graduate education and faculty administration at Paul College.
  • photos of 6 faculty members

    Welcoming New Faculty

    Meet the newest members of the faculty in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • collaged image of UNH's new faculty 2017

    UNH Welcomes New Faculty

    From pastries to pi, new professors, lecturers, researchers and specialists bring diverse talents.
  • family owned business owners

    Keeping Alumni Family Businesses Running

    Family-owned businesses make up more than 85 percent of all businesses in New Hampshire and account for 66 percent of the workforce, often creating the most new jobs. 
  • photo of David Sharkey

    In Honor of His Grandmother

    David Sharkey's next stop is a high shool in Madrid, Spain.
  • photo of Hannah Vagos

    Answering the Siren Song

    Hannah Vagos '17 is teaching at the UNH ESL Institute before heading to Madrid, Spain, to teach this fall.
  • photo of Jordan Mrvos

    Minding the Gap

    Jordan Mrvos '17 tackles poverty at a local nonprofit.
  • Associate professor of marketing Shuili Du studies corporate social responsibility.

    Responsible and Profitable

    Shuili Du explains how doing good positively impacts the bottom line.
  • Jeffrey Sohl, director of the Center for Venture Research and professor in Paul College, is one of the world's foremost experts on angel investing.

    Advising Both Government and Business

    Jeffrey Sohl, director of the Center for Venture Research and professor in Paul College, is one of the world's foremost experts on angel investing.
  • Associate professors of decision sciences Khole Gwebu and Jing Wang help small- and medium-sized businesses navigate the threats of cyber attacks.

    Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

    Paul College's Khole Gwebu and Jing Wang help businesses navigate cybersecurity.
  • Paul Harvey, associate professor of management, studies entitlement and abuse in the workplace.

    Conflict Versus Abuse

    Paul Harvey, associate professor of management, studies entitlement and abuse in the workplace.
  • Associate professor of accounting Catherine Plante conducts research in governmental accounting.

    Setting Standards

    Catherine Plante explains how accounting standards can help  governments plan for retiree healthcare costs.
  • Karen Conway, professor of economics, studies how government policies affect household decisions.

    Tax Breaks for the Elderly

    Karen Conway, professor of economics, studies how government policies affect household decisions.
  • Nelson Barber, chair and associate professor of hospitality management, studies pro-environmental consumer marketing as part of his research.

    Who Will Pay?

    According to estimates in the Nutrition Business Journal last year, the natural food and beverage products industry grew 8.9 percent in 2015, adding $14.7 billion in sales. Though a fraction of the...
  • Associate professor of marketing Billur Akdeniz Talay conducts research in new product development.

    Better Predicting Market Performance

    Billur Akdeniz Talay’s research looks at pre-announcement impacts on new products.
  • montage of 5 student fellows

    Fellows Rising

    Five student fellows look back on their college careers as they move surely into their futures.
  • students working in COLA 401 course

    Intro to Your Future

    When Jennifer Drohan ’20 began her first semester at UNH last fall, she was ready to study anything and everything. The only problem, she says, was choosing one subject to focus on.
  • UNH alumna Jude Blake ’77

    The Path to Success

    Bequest gift will bolster CELEBRATE 150, support scholarships.
  • photo of Joshua Meyrowitz teaching

    In the Final Analysis

    Joshua Meyrowitz teaches students mass media savvy.
  • photo of Betsy Carter

    Visiting Scholar

    Elizabeth Carter, assistant professor of political science, has been named a visiting scholar at Harvard's Center for European Studies.
  • UNH students Kate Aiken and Devin McMahon pose with their prize and research poster for the 2016 Holloway Prize competition entry, LilyPad.

    Cultivating Women Entrepreneurs

    When Devin McMahon '18 was still a high school student in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, she started her own business. Not babysitting or lawn mowing: A full-blown nonprofit global initiative that...
  • Gregory Sancoff, left, poses with Paul Holloway during the 2016 Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition championship round.

    Entrepreneur of the Year

    Gregory Sancoff is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year career under his belt.
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