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  • Alioune Mzeirigue headshot

    Promoting Peace and Human Security

    For Alioune Mzeirigue, the turbulent state of global current affairs sparked a passion to promote peace and human security. Now, he's pursuing a master's in global conflict and human security with a...
  • Sarah Siegel, unh student

    Developing a Strategy for Success

    Over the years, Sarah Siegel has held positions in fields as varied as finance, entertainment and management. Now, she plans to bring her passion for public health security to life by pursuing a ...
  • Nishanth Arulappan, a UNH student in the global conflict and human security program

    Creating Positive Change in Areas of Fragility

    Nishanth Arulappan was mid-way through medical school when he realized medicine could not be the sole focus of his career. He felt there was more – more of life to experience and more pathways in...
  • Claire FitzMorris '17

    From Wildcat to Coverdell Fellow

    Claire FitzMorris '17 was a UNH undergradate studying abroad in Spain when an excursion to a new location changed her life. After serving in the Peace Corps in Morocco, FitzMorris is now pursuing her...
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