Students take concept of mask-wearing to a whole new level

Monday, June 7, 2021

This semester, students created giant cardboard masks as part of professor Sachiko Akiyama's Introduction to Sculpture course in the Department of Art and Art History. The creators exhibited their masks in a parade across campus earlier this spring. Take a closer look at each mask or start a slideshow by clicking an image.

The students behind the masks are Emma Albright '24, Olivia Anderson '21, Aly Avakova '24, Aimee Bayer '21, Marian Easton '24, Shicheng Feng '23, Isabella Hart '24, Madison Hoppler '24, Jian Jin '21, Emalie Johnson '22, Tara Piccione '22, Julia Wertz '22, Matt Williams '21 and Miranda Zuba '21.

Otto Luna | Art and Art History