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  • Paul Creative Arts Center at UNH

    Passings: Sarah Jane Marschner

    Theatre and dance faculty emerita is mourned.
  • flowers in front of Hamilton Smith Hall

    Passings: Philip L. Nicoloff

    Philip L. Nicoloff, professor emeritus of English at UNH, passed away on May 17, 2022. He was 95 years old.
  • montage of photos of nine student fellows

    Fellows Take Flight

    COLA student fellows, open-minded and determined, are ready for the future.
  • alumna and students at round tables, talking, in Ham Smith Great Hall


    Alumna share wisdom with undergraduates in career mentoring event.
  • men unloading fish in a boat

    Frame of Mind

    COLA faculty take snapshots to capture their research — and bring fascinating insights to the images.
  • student on stage performing in MUB

    Glowing Spirit

    Student is remembered at commencement for her impact.
  • 3 students who wrote articles

    Inquiring Minds

    COLA student research is featured in UNH’s Inquiry Journal.
  • Jim Dean with all award winners

    Blue Ribbon Day

    COLA students are among a select group recognized for excellence in scholarship, leadership, citizenship and more.
  • students in class

    Timeless Questions

    Philosophy launches a new major option and cognate in political and legal theory.
  • UNH group with Valerie Biden

    A Dialogue on Dialogue

    UNH undergraduates are invited to the Biden School to talk civil discourse.
  • headshot

    The Gary Lindberg Award

    Lucy Salyer, professor of history, has been named the 2022 Lindberg Award winner in COLA.
  • picture of Annette Gordon-Reed

    Jefferson: Revolutionary, President and Visionary

    UNH hosts Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Annette Gordon-Reed for Rutman Lecture on April 7.
  • woman who just received vaccine

    The Vaccine Hesitant

    UNH researchers provide perspective and recommendations on COVID-19 vaccine administration.
  • three students holding trophy and geography banner

    GeoBowl Winners

    A UNH geography team wins the regional GeoBowl and heads to the virtual national competition.
  • Dean Dillon at podium

    Rolling Up Our Sleeves

    New lab is a hub for engaging with global racial and social inequality.
  • student standing outside Little Indonesia storefront in Somersworth

    Going Local

    New fellowship connects student with a New Hampshire Indonesian community.
  • photo of mural

    Hope is a Discipline

    Campus mural brings a splash of color and hope for social justice.
  • montage of book covers

    On the Bookshelf

    Take a look at a roundup of books published by College of Liberal Arts faculty in 2021.
  • headshot

    COLA's Newest Faculty

    The College welcomes ten new faculty members this year.
  • montage of COLA faculty awardees

    “You’re the Top”

    COLA faculty are honored with university-wide awards.
  • fall tree on campus

    Passings: Peter Dodge

    An emeritus sociology professor is remembered.
  • Aubrey Porter at podium at Stay Work Play awards ceremony

    College Student of the Year

    Aubrey Porter ’22 is recognized by Stay Work Play New Hampshire.
  • 3 students presenting on a stage

    Holloway Prize Winner

    A philosophy student’s innovative idea wins the top prize at a business competition.
  • French Club in front of Thompson Hall

    Manger de la Poutine

    The UNH French Club supports New Hampshire Francophone culture at PoutineFest.
  • The Reichstag building seen from the west

    Germany's Future

    Germany's federal elections are the subject of a fall 2021 event series.
  • Thompson Hall

    Pulse of New Hampshire

    The latest results from the monthly Granite State Poll, conducted by the UNH Survey Center, are in. This month's topics cover political opinion, from approval ratings of Governor Sununu to the NH...
  • newspaper photo of women who attended the School

    First in the Nation

    In 1919, UNH convened a women’s School for Citizenship that proved a model for the nation.
  • Giant Masks

    Giant Masks

    Students take the concept of mask-wearing to a whole new level.
  • montage of faculty award winners

    Crack Faculty

    COLA celebrates award-winning faculty in the College.
  • headshot

    Lindberg Honor

    John Mayer, professor of psychology, is named the 2021 Lindberg Award winner in COLA.
  • headshot

    Assessing Personality

    John Mayer wins an award for a distinguished contribution to the literature in personality assessment.
  • aerial shot of campus

    Technological Creativity

    Melinda White and Ekaterina Burvikova are recognized in COLA for curricular innovation through the use of technology.
  • headshot

    Crown Center Fellow

    Jennie Sowers is awarded a fellowship to complete her book project on Middle Eastern wars.
  • photo montage of four students

    COLA in Inquiry

    The Undergraduate Research Journal features research by COLA majors.
  • photo of Josh Lauer

    The Telephone in America’s Long 20th Century

    Josh Lauer wins coveted NEH and Library of Congress Fellowships for his book project.
  • headshot

    Slavery and Universities

    Alexis Broderick is named a Charles Warren Visiting Scholar at Harvard.
  • Thompson Hall at sunset

    Passings: Francis D. McCann

    An emeritus UNH historian is memorialized.
  • Students walking through T Hall arch

    Prestigious NSF Graduate Fellowships Awarded

    Four UNH students have received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, given to students pursuing master's and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics...
  • Wildcat Marching Band on the field

    The Band Marches On

    UNH students perform virtually with the Intercollegiate Marching Band.
  • faculty headshots

    Education Research

    Three COLA faculty win competitive Spencer Foundation grants.
  • headshot

    A Matter of Life and Death

    Mike Alvarez explores the interplay of trauma, creativity and suicide.
  • book cover montage

    2020 Books in COLA

    Take a look at a roundup of books published by College of Liberal Arts faculty.
  • David Finkelhor teaching


    David Finkelhor is named to the 2020 list of highly cited researchers.
  • students in MUB competing in GeoBowl

    Silver Linings

    The UNH Geography Club wins second place in a regional geography competition.
  • Thompson Hall

    Top Teacher-Scholar

    Lawrence Prelli, professor of communication, is named 2020 Lindberg Award winner in COLA.
  • headshot

    Book of the Year

    Kevin Healey wins award for “Ethics and Religion in the Age of Social Media.”
  • headshot

    New Faculty in COLA

    Nine scholars join the ranks of College of Liberal Arts faculty. Click the images below to learn about these stellar new faculty.
  • headshot

    Museum Leader

    Museum of Art director Kristina Durocher is named president of a national organization.
  • Passing: Dwight Webb

    Passing: Dwight Webb

    An associate professor emeritus of education passes away.
  • Book Kudos

    Book Kudos

    Kabria Baumgartner wins awards for her first book.
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