Friday, April 9, 2021
UNH Manchester Campus Compact Nominees

The Campus Compact for New Hampshire (CCNH) Presidents’ Awards recognizes students, faculty, staff and local organizations that actively contribute to the betterment of their campus and community. UNH Manchester’s commitment to community service is well represented among this year’s nominees, listed below.  

President’s Good Steward Award 

UNH Manchester COVID Response Team 

  • Mary Stewart 

  • Mary Young 

  • Dana Pierce 

  • Kristen Johnson 

UNH Manchester would like to nominate the UNH Manchester COVID Response Team for the President’s Steward Award. The entire COVID screening process for UNH Manchester faculty, staff, and students has been a tremendous success, allowing our campus to stay open for targeted face-to-face operations thanks to the tireless efforts of this UNH Manchester COVID Response Team. Working with colleagues at UNH Durham, Mary Stewart, Kristen Johnson, Mary Young, and Dana Pierce were involved in numerous aspects including the leadership of the scientific/clinical implementation of a screening process for potential SARS-CoV-2 samples. For over a year, this entire team implemented a recurring testing process for over 550 students, staff, and faculty, with roll-out beyond our own campus including assistance to other USNH campuses and the Manchester community as well as worked tirelessly – sometimes well into late nights and weekends - in the management of testing results, sample kits, and other logistical concerns as they arose to ensure a safe and effective testing operation for the Manchester campus. 

Community Service Partner 

Granite United Way, Youth Enrichment Partnership Team (GUW YEP) 

UNH Manchester would like to nominate the Granite United Way, Youth Enrichment Partnership Team (GUW YEP).  Granite United Way is a nonprofit organization that makes strategic investments in our community that help others Learn, Earn and Be Healthy. The GUW YEP has brought together funders, schools, and community organizations to address the complex needs of Manchester’s youth. Over fifteen youth-serving organizations, the Manchester School District, and the UNH STEM Discovery Lab located at UNH Manchester work together to reduce barriers and ensure youth across the City have access to critical services.  Over the last three years, the GUW YEP team has been essential in funding youth programs, supporting collaborations, making connections, feeding families during COVID-19, as well as providing safe education environments for youth during remote learning.  The GUW YEP not only has created a web of services for the youth in Manchester, but has brought together organizations in Manchester to be sustained and integral partners to the STEM Discovery Lab in order to reach K-12 youth and educators in Manchester. 

President’s Leadership Award 

Melissa Mullen ’21 and Jamila Peguero ‘21 

UNH Manchester would like to nominate Melissa Mullen and Jamila Peguero for the President’s Leadership Award. Their civic engagement has focused on social justice and cultural awareness by organizing and hosting a Visibility Week for the UNH Manchester campus community.  When they saw a need on campus to bring awareness to, and information about, underrepresented identities that are part of the UNH Manchester community, they did not hesitate. Ms. Mullen and Ms. Peguero organized Visibility Week virtual events and social media informational campaigns as part of their Student Leadership Academy capstone project. Visibility week consisted of events including panel discussions that explored racial and cultural identities, a faculty panel representing women in STEM, a documentary movie viewing and discussion regarding individuals of exceptionality, disability and neurodiversity, and a panel presentation explaining the importance of using personal pronouns followed by a student and staff panel discussing personal experiences with LGBTQIA+ identities. 

Please take a moment and congratulate these well-deserved awardees! 

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